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How to drop items to teammates in Back 4 Blood

There’s no “i” in Cleaner. Back 4 Blood is all about teamwork, coordination, and sharing. With each Cleaner using an assortment of weapons, players will be sharing and dropping ammo more than anything. However, health items, weapons, and even copper can be dropped and shared among your teammates. This guide will tackle how you can drop items for your teammates in Back 4 Blood and the best practices for sharing with your team.

How to drop items in Back 4 Blood

Hoffman in Back 4 Blood.
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To drop items in Back 4 Blood, open up your inventory by pressing the Trackpad on PlayStation or the appropriate button on Xbox and PC. Then, hover over the item you’d like to drop and press X to drop it on the floor. When it comes to weapons, you can obviously only drop one.

For items you have multiples of (like ammo and accessories), you can press X to drop a set amount or the Right Trigger to drop all of it. For example, pressing X over a specific ammo type will drop a bundle of 50 bullets, while Right Trigger will drop everything.

You can’t drop attachments for your weapons in Back 4 Blood unless you swap them with different attachments you find on the ground or in loot chests. With plenty of weapons and attachments to choose from, the inability to drop them isn’t too bad. However, players are finding it especially annoying when they accidentally attach an optic they don’t like.

When to drop items

Ammo and health accessories are your most precious resources in Back 4 Blood. Sometimes, ammo will feel plentiful. Other times, you’ll find yourself down to your last clip with a horde of Ridden heading your way.

Talk with your teammates about your current ammo situation before each major fight, especially when you know you’re about to trigger the horde. You may be using an AR while sitting on a full stack of shotgun ammo. Since you don’t need the ammo, drop it for a shotgun-wielding teammate.

You can always rely on the bots to drop ammo for you, so don’t get discouraged when someone quits an online match. You can also rely on bots to heal you with their own healing items.

Before you embark on a run, you can drop any leftover copper at the buy box for your teammates to spend on themselves. Since copper can be dropped and shared, it’s considered universal. You could compare this to cash in Call of Duty: Warzone. Share the wealth with your teammates to ensure everybody has what they need. You can drop copper in bundles of 100 or all at once.

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