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Is Back 4 Blood cross-platform?

Back 4 Blood carries on the Left 4 Dead legacy, offering up a zombie-infested world that requires fast reflexes and impeccable communication to survive. Because of this, finding a team you mesh with is of the utmost importance — and it’s a task made easy thanks to Back 4 Blood‘s use of cross-platform compatibility.

Whether you’re playing on PC, Xbox One, or PlayStation 5, you’ll be able to join a party with friends on any platform. If you’d rather stick with folks on your platform of choice, there’s also the option to disable crossplay and restrict your pool of available players.

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How does crossplay work in Back 4 Blood?

Back 4 Blood makes it easy to play with friends on other platforms, as crossplay is enabled by default. Whether you’re diving into a PvP match or slogging through the campaign with three strangers, there’s a chance you’ll be paired up with folks on PC, Xbox, or PlayStation. A small icon next to their name will alert you to their platform of choice, but other than that, there’s no difference in how they’ll look in-game.

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Crossplay gives you a huge advantage during matchmaking, as it’ll cut down your wait time as you have a larger pool of players to choose from. You’ll also want to make sure you have a party full of real players before starting a match, as bots aren’t nearly as reliable as other people.

Invite friends to your game

With crossplay enabled, inviting friends from PC, PS5, or Xbox Series X is simple. Just pause your game, open the Social tab, and select an open slot in your party to pull up a list of available friends. This includes both Back 4 Blood friends — friends added through the game that are on other platforms — and your console-specific friends list.

How does cross-progression work in Back 4 Blood?

A massive Ridden in Back 4 Blood.
WB Games

While Back 4 Blood features a robust crossplay system, its cross-progression system isn’t as developed. At present, you can carry over progress from last-gen to current-gen. For example, if you’re playing on Xbox One and upgrade to an Xbox Series X, you’ll have access to all your upgrades and unlocked content. The same holds when upgrading from PS4 to PS5.

Turn off crossplay in Back 4 Blood

If you decide you’d rather not use crossplay, Turtle Rock has given you the option to disable the feature. Turning it off may result in longer matchmaking times — as you’re restricting your pool of available players — but the option is there if you’d like to make use of it. Here’s how to disable crossplay in Back 4 Blood:

  • Pause your game to open the Main Menu.
  • Navigate to the Matchmaking.
  • Scroll down to Crossplay and toggle it to Off.
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