E3 2012: Dark Souls producer talks the future of the series and resurrecting From Software classic Otogi

e3 2012 dark souls producer talks the future of series and resurrecting from software classic otogi pc edition

Even amongst the barrage of glitz, guns, and thumping bass making up the games of 2012 and 2013 on display at E3 2012, there are gems of 2011 still lurking in the background, making themselves known. Amongst them is Dark Souls: Prepare to Die a new PC edition of From Software’s brutal adventure game that received accolades from critics and consumers alike for its subtle, unforgiving nature.

At Namco Bandai’s booth at E3 2012, producer Uchi discussed From Software’s work on the game. While he reiterated facts about the new PC version of Dark Souls—3 new stages, 3 new bosses, and a smear of items that will later be available as DLC on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3—he also discussed the game’s mysterious presentation. When asked why the game so quietly reveals itself, he said that while director Hidetaka Miyazaki has Souls’ story in his head, he leaves the design team to focus on play and even guess for themselves what some of the meaning behind the game’s locales and events are.

When asked what the future of the series is, Uchi said that the team is hard at work finishing the PC version, as it’s the very first time they’ve worked on a non-console game, a rare experience in this day and age.

When asked about plans to re-release some of From Software’s cult classics like the Xbox-only Otogi series, Uchi laughed loud and said, “It’s tough to answer!” but stressed that he and the team want to see those games back out there soon.