EA Sports Bringing Grand Slam Tennis (and John McEnroe) To The Wii

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If you think your Nintendo Mii avatar looks a little silly, just wait: EA Sports has just announced Grand Slam Tennis for the Nintendo Wii—and the game will mark the poofy-hair and headband debut of hotheaded tennis legend John McEnroe. Players will be able to use the Wii controller to deliver real forehands and backhands, and the game will be one of the first to be compatible with the Wii MotionPlus enhancement to improve one-to-one motion and give users even more control over shot placement.

“It’s great that EA Sports has embraced tennis into its family of games,” said John McEnroe, in a statement. “I think it’s a solid sign the sport is thriving and I hope it will continue to generate more interest and excitement in tennis.”

Grand Slam Tennis will also be the only tennis game to feature matches at Wimbledon, one of the sports’ premier tournaments—and also one of the place McEnroe distinguished himself, winning three of his seven Grand Slam titles there.

EA Sports Grand Slam Tennis is being developed by EA Canada and is scheduled to ship to North American retailers June 16, 2009 for $49.95. The game has not yet been rated.