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Elden Ring has already been beaten in under 20 minutes

While the rest of us are 60 or 70 hours into Elden Ring (I personally hate and can’t get past the Godskin Duo), speedrunners have slowly whittled down the game’s playtime. However, one runner has claimed the new world record for beating Elden Ring the fastest, completing FromSoftware’s latest game in under 20 minutes.

WORLDS FIRST Any% Elden Ring in under 20 minutes!! Changed a flight and did a 15h stream for this, almost gave up hope, but in the end I prevailed. Thank you everyone who was there and supported me during this insane stream <3

— Distortion2 🕐 Elden Ring (@Distortion_2) March 28, 2022

In a post on Twitter, Distortion2, a speedrunner who’s completed numerous FromSoftware games faster than it takes for most people to quit them, announced that he had beaten Elden Ring in just 18:58, cementing him at the top of the game’s any-percent run leaderboard. At the time of writing, it seems that Distortion2’s run either hasn’t been submitted to or is still being verified. The site, which catalogs runs for hundreds of games, lists a 26:26 time from spiceeTV as the fastest.

While Distortion2’s time is impressive, it may not be the fastest any-percent speedrun of Elden Ring for long. The game’s speedrunning community is booming at the moment, with more runs being posted every day. Just yesterday, Distortion2 uploaded another speedrun of the game, in which he beat it in 22:21. Without a doubt, other runners will see Distortion2’s time and try to finish the game even quicker.

As a matter of fact, one speedrunner is already claiming to have beaten Elden Ring faster than Distortion2. Mitchriz, who many may remember from his blindfolded speedrun at AGDQ 2022, said in a post on Twitter that he managed to beat the game in 18:25, over 30 seconds faster than Distortion2. However, because he missed recording a minute of gameplay, that run can’t be verified.

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While not officially announced, FromSoftware owner Kadokawa Group has outright stated that it is “pursuing the maximization of profit by prolonging the life of IP." That makes a sequel to Elden Ring feel inevitable. The upcoming Shadow of the Erdtree expansion will likely introduce some ideas of its own, but a sequel is where FromSoftware has an opportunity to change things up.

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Before Demon's Souls and Dark Souls became popular and increased FromSoftware's notoriety exponentially, Armored Core was the series the Japanese developer was best known for. This series of intense mecha shooters haven't seen a new entry since September 2013, though. That's why it was a nice surprise to see Armored Core VI announced at The Game Awards last year. It not only revived a long-dormant series but provided a nice change of pace for FromSoftware after it had perfected the Souls formula with Elden Ring.
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A press release following the trailer also revealed more information about the game's story. It takes place on a planet called Rubicon 3, where an energy source called Coral was discovered but ultimately caused a planet-wide catastrophe. Armored Core VI takes place almost fifty years after that and follows a mercenary in the middle of corporations and resistance groups fighting over what remains of Coral.
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