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Elden Ring’s latest patch lets you keep track of NPCs

Anyone who had to use guides to track down NPCs in Elden Ring can now do the same using its in-game map. An update for the critically acclaimed title, which recently hit 12 million copies sold, has added NPC icons to the map, as well as new quest phases for NPCs, a brand-new NPC, and nerfs to some of the game’s most popular tools.

After downloading the game’s latest patch, anyone who’s curious about where an NPC has run off to can simply search for them on their map. NPCs are indicated by relatively small icons of hooded figures, which display their name once hovered over. If NPCs are at a certain location though, Volcano Manor, for instance, they will all be listed by selecting that site of grace.

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It seems as though players have to have met an NPC before they’ll be marked. During our testing of the feature, Elden Ring‘s newest NPC, Jar-Bairn, wasn’t marked on the map.

While that new feature is helpful, Elden Ring may actually get harder for some players to progress through after its latest update. A number of nerfs hit the game’s popular weapons, Ashes of War, and one particularly useful summon, the Mimic Tear Ash. The Sword of Night and Flame, which players have been using to stomp through Elden Ring‘s early game has had its weapon skill damage lowered, as has the Hoarfrost Stomp Ash of War. Nerfs to the Mimic Tear Ash will make it much harder for players to defeat bosses since it used to effectively make an exact copy of the player. Now, the summoned spirit will do less damage and have different behaviors, likely making it easier for bosses to take down.

Elden Ring‘s latest patch is sure to leave some players with a bitter taste in their mouths. It takes some of the tools players would use to stomp through the game away, forcing them to reevaluate their strategies. But these changes also mean that FromSoftware is paying attention to how people are playing Elden Ring, and is updating the game reactively. Nerfs like these are simply the downside to playing a game that has an attentive developer.

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Elden Ring’s first significant post-launch content is a PvP Colosseum
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Bandai Namco Entertainment and FromSoftware have confirmed that multiple PvP Colosseums will be added to Elden Ring as part of an update on December 7. 
Although Elden Ring is the best-selling and most critically acclaimed game of 2022, its post-launch patches have primarily been focused on balance tweaks and bug fixes. Update 1.08, which drops on December 7, changes that by adding a new way for players to duel each other. Colosseums will now appear in Limgrave, Leyndell, and Caelid, where players can face off against each other. There will be three match types: 1v1 duels, 3v3 team fights, and free-for-alls where only one player can come out on top.
The update will be free to Elden Ring owners across all platforms, and a new trailer gives us a look at these new arenas and the fights that take place within them.
ELDEN RING | Free Colosseum Update Trailer
The Colosseums look like fun places for players to test new character builds, show their builds off to others, and test their skills against really experienced players. It seems like this is strictly PvP-focused content though, so players yearning for more single-player content of DLC won't be satiated just yet. Still, this is one of our first very clear indications that FromSoftware and Bandai Namco Entertainment are interested in adding significant, brand-new content to Elden Ring, which is a good sign. 
Elden Ring is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. The Colosseums will be added as part of Elden Ring Update 1.08, which is set to release on December 7. 

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