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Destiny 2 Crimson Days guide: How to earn confectionery hearts and new rewards

If you missed Destiny 2’s delightful holiday event or its spooky Halloween celebration, here’s your chance to get in on the game’s latest seasonal activity. The Crimson Days are a week-long Valentine’s Day extravaganza that brings a limited-time player-versus-player game mode to the Crucible, as well as a cute new set of sparrows.

If you’ve never participated in Crimson Days, here’s everything you’ll want to know to get the most out of it before it ends on February 18.

The basics

The event is free to all players, but you’ll need to make sure you’ve hit 790 power and unlocked the Tower to start. Once you load in, head to the Tower and talk to Shaxx. He’ll act as your primary vendor during the Crimson Days, giving you everything including bounties and rewards. Speak with Shaxx to receive the Fire of the Crimson Days emblem and get a quick primer on the event.

The flow here is simple compared to Destiny’s other holiday celebrations. The goal is to earn Confectionary Hearts by completing activities with a partner and spend them on limited-time rewards. The best way to get that currency is through a new doubles Crucible playlist that’s all about teamwork. Losing will earn you five hearts while winning will net you seven.

This year, there are more ways to earn hearts than simply playing the new game mode. Shaxx is carrying Crimson Days bounties, each of which will give you a chunk of hearts. Daily bounties will give you 15 hearts, and weeklies will pay out 75. While some of these revolve around the PVP mode, others ask you to complete activities like Lost Sectors with one person in your fireteam. So if PVP isn’t your thing, you’ll still be able to participate.

What is Crimson Doubles?

Crimson Doubles isn’t your standard duos playlist. While you do fight in pairs, there are a lot of small mechanics that will reward you for sticking with your partner. You’ll also be penalized for splitting apart.

The mode entails four, two-minute rounds. The team that gets the most kills within each block will win the round until one team has won three. That means that games will only last eight minutes most, making it pretty fast-paced.

There are three major perks to pay attention to in Crimson Doubles. First, there’s Reunited. This perk activates when you’re near your partner and will increase the recharge rates of both players’ abilities. Rifts and melees will respawn almost instantaneously with this perk, for example.

If you move too far apart, both you and your partner will receive the Falling Apart status effect. When this is active, your opponents will see a waypoint above both of your heads’, showing your enemies exactly where you are.

Finally, there’s Vengeance, which buffs a player when their partner is killed. When this activates, the remaining player will regain some health and their ability to recharge rates will increase.

To win, you’ll need to stay near your partner and coordinate your attacks rather than going it alone. Much like any relationship, communication is the key to victory.

Destiny 2 Crimson Days
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The rewards

Those who have participated in the Crimson Days previously may be disappointed by this year’s rewards. The main prizes here are the new SVC-12 and IVC-10 exotic sparrows. These are essentially a mobile friendship bracelet. When the two vehicles ride side by side, they form a big heart, letting friends spread their love through the galaxy.

Otherwise, the loot pool doesn’t have many new rewards. You can earn a masterwork version of The Vow, a legendary bow introduced last year, for 100 Confectionary Hearts. There’s also an ornament for Wardiff Coil available, plus a Flaunting Dance emote and Tirastrella ghost shell. You can spend 15 hearts to buy a Warmhearted Gift Package, which will give you a random reward. These packages will provide you with gear, weapons, or just glimmer.

As always, Eververse is also fully restocked with seasonal goodies if you feel like spending real money. Most of these were available from previous Crimson Days, but the Heartfelt Unison emote is a fun, new addition that lets you make a heart with a friend.

Finally, there is a set of new triumphs associated with the event, which will disappear once it ends. If you complete all of the triumphs and purchase both new sparrows, you’ll receive the exclusive In The Valley emblem. So grab a friend and work together to bring some Valentine’s Day cheer to your vault. And don’t forget to keep contributing to the Empyrean Foundation, which will still be active throughout the event.

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