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Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost Event: Where to find your mask, get candy, more

If you’re new to Destiny 2, then the game’s new Festival of the Lost Halloween event might be a lot to take in at once. This special event brings a new activity, items, currency, and of course loot. Here’s everything you need to know to get the most out of Festival of the Lost this year.

Trick or treat: Grab your mask from Eva Levante

The Festival of the Lost event revolves around Eva Levante, a new vendor in the Tower. You can’t miss her; just look for the giant, spooky tree when you first load in. This is going to be your central hub for the duration of this event.

Masks are at the center of this event. These are festive head armor you can acquire from Eva and Eververse, which dress you up like different characters and enemies from the game. Masks have their own power level, so putting one on won’t knock you back 50 levels, unlike previous years. Go to Eva and get your first mask to kick things off.

Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost
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There are two key currencies used during Festival of the Lost: candy and chocolate coins. To get these, you’ll need to complete different activities while wearing a mask. You can also get candy from each of the tower’s vendors, so make sure to go trick or treating once you speak with Eva.

Eva also carries her own unique set of bounties, which will have you completing tasks while wearing masks. Like other vendors, she carries both weekly and daily ones, which will give you chocolate coins, so make sure to pick these up.

The haunted forest: Clear waves and collect candy

The biggest addition to the Festival of the Lost update is the Haunted Forest activity. If you missed it last year, this takes you into spookier version of the Infinite Forest and pits you and 2 teammates against waves of enemies. You can access this straight from your director, or at the terminal next to Eva. The only catch is that you must wear a mask in the event.

Here’s how it works. You have 15 minutes to clear as many waves of enemies as possible. Each phase is called a “branch.” To fully complete a branch, you’ll need to kill about 50 enemies. Once you do that, your team will be transported to a boss room. Wipe out the boss and you’ll move on to the next branch. The goal is to clear out as many branches as you can in 15 minutes, while collecting candy and chocolate coins.

Your mask has specific mods that are only active during this activity, such as Vampiric Touch. Make sure to tinker with your load out to better prepare yourself.

Not only is this a good way to grind candy, but the event is also a source of powerful rewards. Completing 25 branches combined will give you a Tier 2 powerful drop, and completing 9 branches in one run will give you a Pinnacle reward that can drop above the 950 cap.

New loot: Braytech Werewolf

There are a variety of things you can spend your hard-earned candy on, most of which can be purchased from Eva. Most notably, chocolate coins can be used to purchase different masks, which can be equipped as ornaments on your main mask.

The main prize here is Braytech Werewolf, a new legendary auto rifle that can be purchased from Eva. To get this, you’ll need to get the Master of Disguise Triumph, which is completed by buying all 5 masks from Eva. Once you get the Triumph, you’ll be able to purchase the weapon for 1,000 candy. This weapon will drop at 950, making it valuable for anyone who has yet to hit the game’s hard cap. Plus, Eva offers a masterwork version of it as well.

And of course, Eververse has its own selection of Halloween-themed items as part of the event, so make sure to talk to Tess if you feel like spending some real world cash on your Guardian. The event ends on November 19th, so make sure to gather all the loot you want before then.

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