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Meta Quest 2 is getting a former PlayStation VR exclusive and more this fall

Meta is ramping up its investment in gaming by bringing more titles to the Meta Quest 2.The VR headset will get Iron Man VR, Among Us VR, and more, while the new Meta Quest Pro is getting a mixed reality game called I Expect You To Die: Home Sweet Home. Additionally, three development teams have joined Oculus Studios, including the team behind Resident Evil 4’s VR port.

The news dump comes from today’s Meta Connect stream, where the company unveiled the Meta Quest Pro. While that was a major focus of the stream, Meta made it clear that it still intends to support the Quest 2 as a gaming platform.

Several gaming announcements came out of the show. In a surprise reveal, former PS VR exclusive Iron Man VR is coming to Quest 2 on November 3. Among Us VR also joins the platform this fall, landing on November 10. Players who pr-order the game unlock a Mini Crewmate hat. The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners — Chapter 2: Retribution also got a December 1 release date during the showcase.

A pair of new projects are coming to the headset as well. Multiplayer VR hit Population: One is getting a sandbox mode that will let players create their own experiences (something that slots neatly into the the company’s Metaverse vision). The team that designed the combat in the The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners series has a new game coming as well, titled Behemoth. While its teaser trailer didn’t show too much, Meta promises that it’s some form of survival action game set in a grim world, similar to The Walking Dead.

As for the Meta Quest Pro, the headset is getting one new game that’ll show off its updated passthrough technology. I Expect You To Die: Home Sweet Home is a “mixed reality mini-mission” that’ll have players interacting with objects in their real-life play space. The trailer showed objects like sprinklers projected onto a user’s ceiling or puzzle clues on walls. The title launches for both Quest 2 and Quest Pro on October 25 and will be a free download.

Meta doesn’t seem to be abandoning its gaming ambitions anytime soon, as is making significant investments in Oculus Studios. Iron Man VR team Camoflauj is joining the studio, alongside Twisted Pixel and Armature Studio. The last name on that list is especially notable, as it’s the team that brought Resident Evil 4 to Quest 2. Meta notes that the studios are working on new projects at the moment, though it’s not revealing what they are yet.

Meta highlighted some key wins for its gaming push during the show. According to the company, players have spent $1.5 billion on games and apps in the Quest store to date.

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