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Facebook Gaming lets content creators turn gameplay clips into Reels

We weren’t exaggerating when we recently noted that Meta’s social media platforms are becoming more like TikTok, going so far as adding new features to resemble it. Now, Facebook Gaming has released the Clips to Reels feature, which will allow content creators to, as the name heavily suggests, turn their live gameplay clips into Reels.

Meta first announced the Clips to Reels feature last month, giving content creators on Facebook the tools to cut down their otherwise long videos to 60 seconds in the Creator Studio on PC. Facebook Gaming announced on Wednesday that the new feature is available to partners and Level Up Creators.

Facebook Gaming

With Clips to Reels, gaming content creators can edit their streamed clips to make their gameplay and their face cam fit in a vertical format for their viewers to see on mobile. On PC, viewers can see the streamer’s gameplay footage of Fortnite or Apex Legends, for example, on full display while their face cam is on the bottom–left corner of the screen. Content creators can simply place the face cam on top and the gameplay footage on the bottom to convert the gameplay clip into a more effective Reel.

The Creator Studio Clips Library helps content creators streamline the process by letting them trim the clips to meet the length requirement for Reels and crop sections of them to make the dual views possible. Then, when they’re ready to share it with the world, they can either leave the Reel as is with the original audio and unobstructed view, or they can add music, stickers and/or GIFs. They would have to download the completed Reel and reupload it to Facebook and Instagram in order to do that, though.

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