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‘Fallout 4: Far Harbor’ is out tomorrow with mutant salamanders and a big dose of ‘spooky’

Fallout 4: Far Harbor releases tomorrow, and for a piece of downloadable content, there is quite a bit of pressure on it. Both Automatron and Wasteland Workshop were greeted with lukewarm reviews, with the former receiving quite a bit of criticism for its lack of depth. But you shouldn’t run out of things to do or areas to explore in Far Harbor, as in addition to the single largest area Bethesda has ever created for DLC, it includes a host of new creatures and some very unconventional weaponry.

“Whenever we plan an add-on, we always want to take the player somewhere new,” says lead designer Will Shen in a new developer video. “A new place with new stories and new experiences. Far Harbor is the largest landmass we’ve ever made for an add-on. It’s a high-level area full of mystery and danger and a new conflict between the townspeople, the Children of Atom, and the Synths.”

That danger is further enhanced by the spookier, more hostile nature of Far Harbor itself. Rough, sharp rocks around the area look like something out of Shutter Island, and mutated creatures like the Fog Crawler and Angler emerge from beneath boardwalks to hunt their prey. The Gulper just might be the best addition, however, looking like a horribly disfigured nutria-salamander hybrid that walks with an unsettling dinosaur quality.

Your weapons reflect the “you versus nature” environment of the island, as well. Giant bloody meat hooks serve as a new melee weapon, and a harpoon gun should serve as a nice counter for those amphibious creatures. We previously reported that the DLC would feature additional high-level armor, and we now know exactly what that means: the “Marine Combat Armor” will be the best armor in the game aside from the Power Armor, and as an added bonus, you’ll look like a badass wearing it.

“We hope you enjoy Far Harbor and we can’t wait to see what you discover and what choices you’ll make,” Shen adds. Bethesda will seriously have to consider discounting it when Halloween comes around: the whole thing evokes a classic Universal monster movie aesthetic we haven’t seen from a game in years.

Are you excited to jump back into Fallout 4, or have 2016’s latest games kept you busy? Let us know in the comments!

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