‘Fallout 76’ player stumbles into immortality, seeks help from Bethesda

Fallout 76 players may think that becoming immortal in the open-world game would be awesome, but a player who stumbled into god mode has an opposite view.

A Fallout 76 player who goes by the name Brogadyn on Reddit posted on the online forum that their character has permanent god mode activated. However, instead of abusing the glitch, Brogadyn is frustrated and wants developer Bethesda to deactivate the character’s immortality.

In the Reddit post, Brogadyn said that the character is “really unkillable,” and even uploaded screenshots to prove it. The images show Brogadyn’s Fallout 76 character in the middle of a nuke blast, a fissure kill hole, and a mob of enemies, but nothing is capable of ending its misery.

Brogadyn said that Fallout 76 immortality was activated through a bug, and sent a support ticket to Bethesda to help deal with the glitch. However, the developer’s reply was not very helpful, as it only asked Brogadyn to check if there are any status effects that are applied to the character.

Fortunately for the Fallout 76 masses, Brogadyn is a responsible player, and is not hunting down others to abuse the god mode glitch, nor revealing the circumstances that resulted in the bug. However, Brogadyn is limited to boring activities, as a lot of things are restricted. For example, mutation farming is unavailable because healing is not possible, as the Fallout 76 character is forever stuck at zero HP.

“I’m really frustrated and I have no idea what I’m supposed to do — it seems that they can’t even slay my character for me, or at least didn’t mention that even though that’s practically what was I begging for in the ticket — but i’m unsure if it was a person replying, or simply some automated answer,” Brogadyn wrote in the Reddit post.

Players are suggesting for Brogadyn to stream and show the Fallout 76 god mode glitch, which might not be a bad idea to get Bethesda’s attention.

This is a very unusual case for Brogadyn, as most Fallout 76 players are looking for survival tips, not help on killing their own character. Hopefully Brogadyn receives a real response from Bethesda soon on fixing the bug.


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