Triple nuke strike crashes ‘Fallout 76’ server, leaves unanswered questions

This article was updated 11/19/18 to change “servers” to “server”.

A group of Fallout 76 players launched three nukes at the same time, but what happens in the aftermath of the three-pronged attack is still anyone’s guess — the game’s server crashed before anyone could find out.

The Fallout 76 beta allowed some players to achieve high levels even before the game was officially released, granting them access to nuke launch codes. A group of players recently found out that dropping a nuke at a fissure site will create a timed endgame event called Scorched Earth, and will summon a monster named the Scorchbeast Queen alongside tons of other powerful enemies. The whole ordeal was uploaded to YouTube by Nickaroo93.

Scorchbeasts are tough, level 50 creatures that look like massive mutant bats, but the level 95 Scorchbeast Queen that spawns after nuking their hive is much more difficult to take down. The players were able to defeat the monster within the 30-minute event though, and received loot that included Ultracite, which is the best crafting material in Fallout 76.

The same group of players then decided to take the next step: launch three nukes at the same time, targeting the same spot on the map.

If one nuke summoned a Scorchbeast Queen, would three nukes summon a monster that is three times the size and three times more powerful? If yes, will even more creatures appear alongside it, and what kind of loot will it drop after being defeated?

Unfortunately, those questions remain unanswered. As the players moved toward the spot where the three nukes landed, the Fallout 76 server crashes, booting the group out of the game.

The three simultaneous nuke detonations may have been too much for Fallout 76 to handle, as the game’s server were likely not prepared for such a scenario after beta testing. There is a possibility that the server crashes were not caused by the three nukes, but it is much more likely that they did.

Players have many more secrets to discover in Fallout 76, an online survival games that serves as a prequel to the franchise. For new players, before being able to launch nukes and summon Scorchbeast Queens, here are some beginner tips to make it through the wasteland of Fallout 76.


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