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Final Fantasy XIV patch 5.2 quest locations guide: How to get started

FFXIV 5.2 gear
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Final Fantasy XIV patch 5.2 is here, and like the dozens or so patches that have come before, there’s a lot to get stuck into once the servers fire up. For most people, this means catching up on a bunch of old threads before unlocking the new content and reminding ourselves of what happened in the story months ago. We won’t start recapping the last patch here, but we will list all the new unlock quest locations so you can get to the most important parts of the patch without running around like Ran’jit chasing Ryne.

As the official site will tell you, FFXIV patch 5.2 introduces the second leg of the Eden raid, the continuation of the main story (and its obligatory new dungeon), a new Trial (Ruby Weapon), and some flavor text teasing the continuation of the now legendary NieR alliance raid storyline due for patch 5.3 sometime in the Spring. On top of that, there’s a new mini-game for fishers and the Qitara beast tribe quests. Not bad!

Main Scenario Unlock Quest Location – FFXIV Patch 5.2

FFXIV main story patch 5.2
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  • Quest:Old Enemies, New Threats‘ (Krile, The Rising Stones (Coords = X:6.0 Y:5.9))
  • Prerequisite:Vows of Virtue, Deeds of Cruelty‘ (see above)

It hardly needs explaining, but you’ll need to have completed the FFXIV 5.1 main scenario quests before you can check out this next chapter. Once you’ve done that, head to Krile over at The Rising Stones to start this next chapter.

If you haven’t played since patch 5.0, you’ll need to start the patch 5.1 storyline by talking to Tataru at The Rising Stones instead. She’ll kick things off with a quest called “Shaken Resolve.” This ends with the 5.2 prerequisite quest “Vows of Virtue, Deeds of Cruelty.”

Eden’s Verse Unlock Quest Location – FFXIV Patch 5.2

  • Quest:Away with the Faerie‘ (Yalfort, Amh Araeng (Coords = X:26 / :Y18))
  • Prerequisite:The Next Piece of the Puzzle‘ (Ryne, The Empty (Coords = X:6 / Y:6))

If you’ve completed the first leg of the Eden raid, you’ll want to talk to Yalfort back in Amh Araeng to unlock the second part, Eden’s Verse. Those playing catch-up will want to pick up the quest “In the Middle of Nowhere” at The Crystarium. Fight your way through the four fights that follow and you’ll be more-or-less good to go.

It’s taken what feels like a whole year at this point, but our crazed friend from the second fight of Shadowbringers’ first 8-man raid may finally be waking up. As is the norm with this game, an even-numbered patch means another set of raid bosses. The second set of Eden raid battles is here, so you’ll need to have completed the last set to continue the story.

Ruby Weapon Unlock Quest Location – FFXIV Patch 5.2

FFXIV Ruby Weapon
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  • Quest: ‘Ruby Doomsday’ (Resistance Officer, The Lochs (Coords = X:36 / Y:31))
  • Prerequisite: ‘Old Enemies, New Threats’ (Krile, The Rising Stones (Coords = X:6.0 Y:5.9))

Finally making its appearance after countless years of teasing, Final Fantasy’s infamous Ruby Weapon is our premium Patch 5.2 Trial.

Whether the traditional pattern of releases will take us to Emerald Weapon and beyond is anyone’s guess, but those looking to take on this monstrous mech won’t need to do much more than start the 5.2 main story quest “Old Enemies, New Threats. Just talk to the Resistance Officer in The Lochs and accept the quest “Ruby Doomsday.” Good luck.

NieR Raid Quest Location – FFXIV Patch 5.2

  • Quest: ‘Carnivals and Confrontations‘ (Dig Site Chief, Khlousia (Coords = X:34 / Y:18))
  • Prerequisite: ‘Heads, I Win‘ OR ‘Tails, You Lose‘ (Kholusia, The Duergar Mountains (Coords = 34.7-18.2))

If you haven’t unlocked the raid by now, you’ll need to follow the quest chain starting with “Word about Komra,” which should be available in the north part of Kholusia sometime during the latter half of the original Shadowbringers storyline. Once you’ve done that and sided with one of the two dwarves, this quest should become available in the little hidey-hole you discovered with them.

The 5.1 release of The Copied Factory left a lot of unanswered questions, so seeing it continued (albeit briefly) in FFXIV patch 5.2 is a nice surprise. Don’t expect much from this, though. It’s not another full raid. Instead, it’ll be more of a teaser for what’s to come in 5.3. The title makes it sound like a trip to NieR’s Amusement Park is in order.

Ocean Fishing Unlock Quest Location – FFXIV Patch 5.2

FFXIV ocean fishing
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  • Quest: ‘All the Fish in the Sea’ (Fhilsnoe, Limsa Lower Decks (Coords = X:8 / Y:14)
  • Prerequisite: ‘My First Fishing Rod’ (Sisipu, Limsa Lower Decks (Coords = X:7 / Y:14)

Among a bunch of changes to the gathering and crafting mechanics of Final Fantasy XIV, new and keen anglers are able to set off on an entirely new gathering adventure in patch 5.2 – Ocean Fishing. All any fisher needs to do is talk to Fhilsnoe at the Fisherman’s guide in Limsa Lominsa. If you haven’t unlocked the Fisher quest yet, you can do that right there by completing the quest ‘My First Fishing Rod’ from Sisipu.

Ocean Fishing isn’t some tweak to spearfishing. It’s a fishing trip for up to 24 players. Every two hours, players can queue up to board the Endeavor and compete to catch various types of fish as it travels to one of its numerous destinations. Due to exclusive all-purpose lures, fishers of any level can partake for lumps of experience points. Experienced fishers will gain scrips instead.

Qitara Beast Tribe Unlock Quest Location – FFXIV Patch 5.2

  • Quest:The Stewards of Note’ (Concerned Mother, Rak’tika Greatwood (Coords = X:21 / Y:27))
  • Prerequisite:Bearing with It’ + O’ Great Serpent / Viera Twins questlines

The Qitara beast tribe quest unlock isn’t too difficult to manage. Like the pixies that came before, you’ll no doubt have done a bunch of the prerequisite quests while picking up aether currents during the main scenario.

If you unlocked the Great Serpent of Ronka minion, you’ll unlock the beast tribe dailies by speaking with the ‘Concerned Mother’ NPC in Rak’tiki (X: 21 / Y:27”, otherwise, you’ll need to complete the two quest chains below. If you’re not sure where you’re up to with them, just travel to Rak’tika Greatwood and look for any of the quests in the list down below and go from there:

  • O’ Great Serpent quests
    • The Great Deceiver
    • Slither Along
    • Snake the Lead
    • Snakes in the Grass
  • Viera Twins quests
    • Stand on Ceremony
    • Seeing Eye to Eye
    • Mending Fences
    • Hearts as One

Anamnesis Anyder Quest Unlock Location – FFXIV 5.2

FFXIV 5.2 dungeon
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The quest to unlock the latest Shadowbringers dungeon is a no-doubt tied to the main story. For that reason, we won’t know exactly where to unlock it until patch day. Just carry on with the main story and you’ll probably unlock this naturally as you complete the new quests.

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