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The best accessories in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is filled with baddies to take out, so you’ll need to be as prepared as possible when it’s time to face off against them. As such, you’ll be updating your equipment frequently throughout your adventure to apply upgraded pieces of gear. In addition to weapons and bangles, you can equip each character with a single accessory to customize their skill set in battle, and it’s worth swapping these out occasionally depending on the upcoming fight.

Though the best accessory for each character will largely depend on how you’ve built them and what role you have them playing in your party, there are still some accessories that we feel are generally useful and tend to be worth keeping around to make battles go more smoothly.

Note that many of the accessories below are not available until late in the game, so we’ve included their lesser counterparts so you can make sure you keep them around until they become upgradeable.

Safety Bit

Safety Bit is an immensely useful accessory that grants immunity to some of the game’s most detrimental status effects: Instant Death, Stone, and Petrify. Always equip these to at least one or two characters when entering into a battle against foes who regularly apply these status effects to make your life much, much easier.

Full-Throttle Wristguards

Full Throttle Wristguards are the best accessory for characters who are going heavy on physical damage, as it grants them 10% strength alongside an extra 500 HP to aid in getting up close and personal. If you haven’t reached the point where you can upgrade to this yet, go for some Power Wristguards or Hi-Power Wristguards in the meantime.

Riot Vest

Riot Vest sports a 10% vitality increase alongside an extra 500 HP, making it a fantastic choice for tanky characters who stay in the thick of it and soak up damage while teammates unleash hell. A Bulletproof Vest or Survival Vest will do a pinch while you wait to reach a point in the game where this higher-tier option becomes available.

Sorcerer’s Earrings

Sorcerer’s Earrings are the best choice for characters focused on magic damage thanks to a substantial 10% magic power increase and extra 6 MP. However, as it’s a late-game item, don’t sleep on its lower-end cousins, Earrings or Platinum Earrings, in the meantime.

Healing Materia Earrings

Healing Materia Earrings allow you to use Cure, Cura, and Curaga without taking up a materia slot with a Healing materia. This can be helpful for your primary healer/buffer character, particularly if you’re using other gear that limits their available materia slots or have them decked out with other important materia and can’t spare a slot.

Revival Earrings

Revival Earrings grant a character one use of Auto-Life, meaning that they’ll be automatically revived upon death. However, the accessory will break after use, so it’s really best suited for incredibly challenging encounters with enemies who use abilities like Doom. It shouldn’t be kept on anyone long-term.

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