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Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster finally gets a release date and details

Square Enix shared more details about the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster games that it revealed during its E3 conference stream. Along with these details, we finally have a set release date of July 28 — at least for the first three of the six titles.

The Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster collection is a new project from Square Enix that takes the first six installments of the series and completely rebuilds them from the ground up with new visuals, sounds, and added options.

A screenshot of Final Fantasy Pixel Remastered.

The first three installments of the Pixel Remaster collection, Final Fantasy 1-3, will include updated 2D pixel graphics and a rearranged soundtrack from the original composer, Nobuo Uematsu. Square Enix also promises improved gameplay through an updated UI, additional battle options, and more.

We still haven’t received any details on the second group of games to be remastered, Final Fantasy 46, as their Steam pages only mention new graphics and audio. They also have no set release date and only feature a blanket 2021 release window.

Yesterday, Square Enix updated the Steam pages of the original Final Fantasy 5 and 6 remakes, announcing their delisting. “Instead, please purchase the pixelated remaster version of “Final Fantasy V/VI,” Square told fans.

We have yet to learn exactly how much of an improvement the Pixel Remaster will be, but some fans are already upset that there is no confirmed console release. The remasters will only be available on PC through Steam and mobile through iOS and Android.

Final Fantasy 1-3‘s pixel remasters will be hitting PC and mobile on July 28, with 4-6 following behind later in the year.

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