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Fans will have to wait a couple of more months for release of 'Final Fantasy XV'

Final Fantasy XV has been in development for what feels like millennia, but you’re going to have to wait a little longer to get your hands on Square Enix’s enormous action role-playing game. Originally scheduled for a September release, the game has suffered a last-minute delay.

“Our objective with Final Fantasy XV was to deliver a Final Fantasy of the highest possible quality to every single person who buys the game,” says director Hajime Tabata in a video posted on the official Final Fantasy YouTube channel. “We have completed the master version, but when it comes to that highest possible quality, we felt that we had not quite reached this standard yet.”

Even though Final Fantasy XV ‘s “master version” is already complete — the game will be playable at this week’s Gamescom event from the very beginning — Tabata and his team were already developing a day-one patch to further polish it. Worried that players without reliable internet would be unable to play the more complete version of the game, Square Enix opted instead to include the content originally scheduled for the patch on the retail disc.

“We put our whole lives into developing this game with the intent of bringing the highest quality of game experience to every single player who buys it,” Tabata adds. “And I personally started developing Final Fantasy XV from a desire to let everyone play a Final Fantasy that was so outstanding and amazing, that it would send other games running in panic.”

We’re certainly hoping the game can live up to Tabata’s lofty goals. Final Fantasy XV will now release for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on November 29. The digital version of the Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV film will still release on August 30, though a final release date for the physical version has not been announced yet.

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