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Death abounds in ‘Final Fantasy XV Episode Ignis,’ launching in December

Although Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto was only recently released, some have already managed to finish it. Their reward, besides the satisfaction of blowing through the latest content faster than almost anyone, is a teaser trailer for the next episode. We don’t know much, but there are a lot of dead bodies in this teaser, which informs us that the next of the downloadable episodes will be named after the third of Noctis’ companions, Ignis.

Much like Episode Gladiolus before it, Episode Prompto gave us a look at the eponymous companion in an experience that, though story driven, features a lot of over-the-shoulder shooting. It’s not clear if Episode Ignis will do something similar to overhaul the Final Fantasy XV experience, but the teaser trailer doesn’t put him in a great starting position.

Showcased by YouTuber Shirrako after breezing their way to the end of the Prompto DLC, the trailer is certainly a teaser, with far less than a minute of CGI footage, but it should be enough to give fans of the game a jolt of excitement ahead of its release later this year.

Pinned down and surrounded by the bodies of his enemies, Ignis is certainly in a tough spot. We even hear what is clearly supposed to be his glasses breaking in a sound-only section towards the end of the video. The only other clear moment is the inaudible spoken segment by a familiar face. Make of that what you will.

We’re told that this next episode will launch in December this year, so there is a bit of a wait for it and perhaps a nudge to not rushing through the Prompto content quite as quickly as others have. Still, with the number of secrets, side quests and vast horizons to explore in the base Final Fantasy XV, there is probably a few things you can keep yourself busy with until then.

If that’s not enough, there is a new Final Fantasy XIV-themed documentary that recently dropped on YouTube, which shows how it drew inspiration from previous entries in the series and what the production of such a game is like.

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