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From pixels to plastic: First official ‘Overwatch’ Lego sets arrive January 1

Blizzard’s initial lineup of Overwatch Lego sets previously leaked online courtesy of Target, but the game studio has now made it official. You’ll be able to get your hands on some awesome-looking plastic bricks when the sets launch January 1, and there’s something available for nearly any budget.

Six different sets will be available in the first wave of Overwatch Lego toys. The first is Tracer vs. Widowmaker, which comes with 129 pieces and will cost $15. Taking place at the drone satellite area of the Watchpoint: Gibraltar map, the set includes the two characters with their signature weapons. The drone payload vehicle has a hidden cockpit containing a health pack and a small checkpoint disc.

“Hanzo vs. Genji” includes 197 pieces and will cost $20. Its setting is the Hanamura dojo and it includes a weapons stand, two health packs, and “hidden disc shooters” that look like the brothers’ dragon spirits.

“Dorado Showdown” takes place on the titular map and includes three figures — Soldier: 76, Reaper, and McCree. It also has a payload truck with hidden wheels that make it look like it’s floating. The set has 419 pieces and costs $30.

The “D.Va & Reinhardt” set is a little pricier, costing $40 for 455 pieces. It includes the two titular characters, as well as D.Va’s tank model, which can shoot and has room for its pilot to sit. Reinhardt’s buildable tank model also has room for the smaller minifigure version to sit.

The buildable “Bastion” set, which has 602 pieces and will cost $50, allows you to turn the character from his recon form to sentry form without rebuilding anything, and it includes both his smaller rifle and larger mini-gun weapons.

Last up is the largest set, “Watchpoint: Gibraltar.” It contains 730 pieces and costs $90, but that price comes with a lot of goodies. The package includes Pharah, Mercy, and Reaper minifigures, as well as a larger Winston figure. An Overwatch rocket includes space for two mini-figures, and there is also a launch pad, just like the multiplayer map. Winston is the star here, and as such he also gets bananas and jars of peanut butter.

Stay tuned for more coverage from BlizzCon 2018, and check out our guide on how to watch the show’s biggest moments.

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