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Jumpman leaps into Fortnite with Epic Games-Nike crossover

Fortnite Nike Jumpman Downtown Drop LTM update Jordan

As Fortnite continues to be an incredibly popular force in gaming, more brands across various industries want to get involved. This time around, Nike is bringing Jordan sneakers into the game via a new Downtown Drop LTM, created using the game’s Creative mode, and the Hang Time bundle, featuring cosmetics and a unique challenge pack.

The Downtown Drop by Jordan limited-time mode takes place in a city where players can grind down the streets and jump around while collecting sneaker-themed coins. Users Not Nellaf and Tollmolia are the creative artists helped create the Fortnite map for the Downtown Drop mode, and the map features a collection of free challenges. When completed, players can earn Back Board Back Bling and the nine style variants for the skateboards.

Just from the glimpse in the trailer, the Downtown Drop mode shows us another example of the many different styles of gaming Fortnite is capable of. The mode is brand friendly, stepping away from the violence of the battle royale mode, and serves as an example for the gamers that are curious about what can be done with game’s Creative game mode. It’s a sandbox Fortnite mode that lets you design your own maps or games and could be a source of inspiration that extends the lifespan of Epic Games’ major hit.

Fortnite is the cool thing to do these days, especially with children and teens, so it isn’t surprising to see brands like Nike team up with Epic Games for some type of representation. It’s encouraging to see an actual game mode as opposed to just a Jordan drop into the Fortnite item shop, though.

Alongside this Nike collaboration, Epic Games releases the Hang Time set in its store. The bundle includes a Grind outfit, Clutch outfit, and an additional challenge pack. Completing this particular pack of Fortnite challenges earns two unique sprays in addition to different styles for both the Grind and Clutch outfits. With the NBA Finals right around the corner, this is some pretty timely marketing that could even be fun for those that have no interest in Jordans or sneaker culture.

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