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The biggest map changes in Fortnite: Chapter 2

Fortnite: Chapter 2 is here and it is the largest Battle Royale update to date. There are tons of fresh features for players to jump into, including a completely revised map with new locations, fishing spots, new vehicles, and so much more. If you’re wondering just how much has changed (we’re all still waiting on those Patch Notes, Epic!), here’s a list of everything new on the Battle Royale map in Fortnite: Chapter 2.

New locations

Fortnite Food Truck
Image used with permission by copyright holder

By far, the biggest and most important change this time around is a (mostly) new map to explore. Gone are the days of Tilted Towers and Paradise Palms, and now it is time for Dirty Docks and Sweaty Sands. There are a total of 13 named locations, five of which are returning locations while the other eight are brand new.

Sweaty Sands

Fortnite Sweaty Sands
Image used with permission by copyright holder

It all starts in the northwestern corner of the map with Sweaty Sands. Found on the edge of the map along with a handful of islands, Sweaty Sands is a beachfront point of interest that utilizes the new motorboats well.

There is a series of islands directly to the north of Sweaty Sands that include a crash site filled with good loot to grab. The beach town itself is divided into two main areas: the beach and the city.

On the beach, you’ll find tons of umbrellas, parties, and a few shops lined up right across the sand. The main attraction, though, is the long pier that is home to an ice cream shop at the end of it.

Inside the town of Sweaty Sands, you’ll find a bakery, fishing equipment store, and more. There is also a large hotel in the southeastern corner with multiple floors with plenty of loot to find. Last but not least, the building in the center of the town next to the hotel houses a new club dance floor to check out.

Holly Hedges

Fortnite Holly Hedges
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Directly south of Sweaty Sands, you will find the town of Holly Hedges. It is a quaint little town that is, strangely, surrounded by tall hedges that are too high to jump over. There are several small houses as well as a couple of large houses throughout the town.

There is a little garden park that you can find on the northern side of the town, complete with a nice chest at the back of it. The star of Holly Hedges, however, is the garden center store in the middle of town that is surrounded by various garden equipment and unused fountains.

Weeping Woods

Fortnite Weeping Woods
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Weeping Woods is a large forest area near the middle of the island. It encompasses a wide area that feels like a mix between the original Wailing Woods and Lonely Lodge. On the western side, you can find a river that runs through the forest and a large watchtower.

On the eastern side, there is a campground where there are RV’s, many tents, and several lodges for players to rummage through for loot.

Slurpy Swamp

Fortnite Slurpy Swamp
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In the southwestern corner of the island is the named location Slurpy Swamp. This murky area is filled with — you guessed it —  swamps! These swamps surround a large factory in the middle which is the main focus of this area. There are also several smaller buildings with a main one in the middle.

It is here that the slurp juice is likely created since it has spilled out into the swamps there. This gives the water around the factory a radioactive look and standing in it will recharge the player’s shields slowly.

Salty Springs

Fortnite Salty Springs
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Just to the north of Weeping Woods is the returning location of Salty Springs. Like before, there isn’t a whole lot to this small town where you will find a few small and medium-sized houses. In the middle of town, though, there is a reboot van for reviving teammates.

On the eastern side of Salty Springs, you can find a gas station, a large house, and the Pizza Pete food truck.

Pleasant Park

Fortnite Pleasant Park Soccer Field
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Pleasant Park is largely the same as it was in previous seasons. It still features the signature rectangular shape with two and three-story houses surrounding a large park in the middle of town.

In the park, you will find the same pavilion with a chest, plus a soccer field on the southern edge of town with a chest in the middle of the field. There is also a gas station on the east side of town.

Craggy Cliffs

Fortnite Craggy Cliffs
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Craggy Cliffs can be found at the northern tip of the island, playing host to a small town with a few buildings. The most notable of these is the clocktower in the southeastern side of town that looks to come directly from the old version of Tilted Towers.

In the center of town is the Fish Sticks fast food restaurant that is complete with multiple floors and tons of seating. Lastly, there is a small dock right by the beach that looks abandoned.

Frenzy Farm

Fortnite Frenzy Farm
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Frenzy Farm is a redone version of Fatal Fields from before. There are several plots for farming with barns and houses around them. These are all centered around a large mansion in the middle that is looming over the rest of the named location.

Steamy Stacks

Fortnite Steamy Stacks
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Steamy Stacks is a nuclear plant-like area that has a couple of energy factories near the coast. There are a few different smaller buildings that you can visit with the main office building on the west side and two large reactors on the east side. Players are able to go inside the stacks and it will blast them up into the sky.

Dirty Docks

Fortnite Dirty Docks
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Dirty Docks is a gritty docks area on the eastern edge of the map that is filled with warehouses, cranes, and large boats. This industrial waterfront location is a far cry from the relaxing Sweaty Sands.

Retail Row

Fortnite Retail Row
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Like Pleasant Park, Retail Row is one of the most unchanged locations on the map. On the west side of town, you will find the same handful of houses that are on the outskirts of the shopping center to the east.

In the shopping center itself, you will find the same taco stand and big fish store. There is even the same water tower located in the southeastern corner of town.

Lazy Lake

Fortnite Lazy Lake
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Lazy Lake, at first, sounds like a blend of Loot Lake and Lazy Links, but it is far from either of those two locations. The only relation to Loot Lake is the water surrounding the location but, other than that, it is more of a fancier shopping area for the island.

There are several stores and places to shop around the town with a large building in the middle that houses a car repair shop. There are steps behind the building that will lead to a little cafe and other smaller stores. Southwest of the town is a waterfall that was first seen in the trailer for the new season.

Misty Meadows

Fortnite Misty Meadows
Image used with permission by copyright holder

At the southern end of the map, you can find Misty Meadows, which is the new version of Happy Hamlet. The town is split into two parts, with a bridge connecting them in the middle.

On the eastern side, there are a few shops and houses with a large fountain in the middle. On the other side, there is the old clocktower from before along with some more houses.

New gameplay features

A new chapter for battle royale means that there are new ways to play the game. These include stealth mechanics for surprising your foes, a fishing minigame, and more.


Players are now able to use a dedicated stealth system to surprise enemies. You can hide inside of dumpsters and haystacks that you find throughout the match. This is an expansion of the stealth system that began with the legendary bush item.


Fortnite Fishing Rod
Image used with permission by copyright holder

There is a whole fishing minigame that is now offered in the middle of battle royale matches. You can take a quick break from shooting down enemies to see what fish you can collect.

The basics of it involve finding a fishing rod item on the map, which is fairly common and easy to find on the ground, in chests, and so on. Take it to almost any water area like the ocean, rivers, and lakes.

Equip the item, shoot the fishing rod as you would any other item, and then reel it back in with the same button when it tugs. Doing so gives you the chance to collect ammo, materials, and, of course, fish that can restore your health. For more on it, check out our full fishing guide.

New vehicles

A massive new map wouldn’t be complete without a couple of new ways to transport around it. Players can now use boats and pogo sticks to maneuver around the battle royale island.


Fortnite Motorboat
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Motorboats are introduced in season one of chapter two, allowing players to swiftly blast across the map. The island has numerous waterways from the several rivers that divide up the island to the ocean surrounding everything.

Motorboats give you the chance to use those waterways to get around to new areas and the next storm circle with ease. It can fit an entire squad of four players and players can shoot their weapons while on it. The driver has access to a missile launcher, too.

Pogo sticks

Pogo sticks are an adorable new way to hop around the map. It isn’t the most useful vehicle for transportation but it is hilarious and fun nonetheless.

New weapons

As with any new season of the game, there are a couple of new weapons for players to use in battle.


The AUG weapon is the latest one to join the burst rifle category. It is extremely overpowered but hard to find in the game.

Bandage bazooka

Players in battle royale can sort of play a healer now with the bandage bazooka weapon. When fired, the weapon shoots out bandages for your teammates to pick up and heal themselves with.

This article will be updated as we uncover more new content.

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