Free-to-play shooter Loadout coming to PS4

free play shooter loadout coming ps4 01 18 2014 6

Earlier this year, PC gamers were treated to Edge of Reality’s free-to-play, third-person competitive shooter Loadout. Studio Creative Director  Mark Nau announced today via the PlayStation Blog that the studio will be porting the game over to PlayStation 4 as a console exclusive.

Apart from its over-the-top and injury-specific gore (lovingly featured in the trailer below), what separates Loadout from the pack is the insane level of customization possible for weapons. Choosing from hundreds of components, you are able to craft weapons ranging from giant death rays to bouncing Tesla balls and beyond. We found it to be a surprisingly rich and well-crafted experience for free-to-play when we first got our hands on it at GDC 2013, which speaks to the care and fun that the Austin-based studio put into developing the game.

Loadout comes to the PlayStation Network later this year for free download.