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Gal Gadot signed for three movies as Wonder Woman

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We already knew that Israeli model-turned-actor Gal Gadot will appear in Batman vs. Superman (aka Man of Steel 2) as Wonder Woman, but the character won’t stop there. When Gadot inked her deal to portray the Amazonian superhero, she signed on for three pictures, according to Variety.

The news isn’t really surprising given the way studios are approaching superhero franchises – the record for multi-film agreements goes to Samuel L. Jackson, who signed on to appear in a whopping nine Marvel films – but it does seem to confirm that DC has long-term plans for the Amazonian princess. Following Wonder Woman’s appearance in Batman vs Superman, the character will likely appear in the often discussed but as-yet-unconfirmed Justice League film. After that, the character’s future falls into the realm of even more conjecture and rumor.

Warner Bros. has repeatedly claimed that Wonder Woman is high on the list of properties to adapt, but so far both TV shows and proposed films have fallen apart. Most recently, a Wonder Woman show titled Amazon was under development for the CW, but it was eventually scrapped. Prior to that, director Paul Feig (The Heat, Bridesmaids) pitched a Wonder Woman comedy, which WB briefly considered before passing on.

The report also cites an interview Gadot did with the Israeli entertainment talk show Good Evening with Gai Pines in which it was reported that she will earn $300,000 per film.

The deal will allow Warner Bros a bit of breathing room when it comes to figuring out what to do with the character. If the reaction is strong enough, it will almost certainly lead to a standalone movie starring Gadot. With the actor still under contract, the turnaround could be relatively quick. If audiences don’t react well to the character, Wonder Woman could still appear in at least three DC films in a supporting role.

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