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GameStop thinks its SNES Classic bundles are good for gamers

SNES Classic hands on review rear ports
Mike Epstein/Digital Trends
The Super Nintendo Entertainment System: SNES Classic Edition, or “SNES Classic,” sold out almost immediately when it went on sale in July, with Walmart and Target running out of stock in less than 30 seconds. GameStop was able to keep the console in stock for a little bit longer on its website but it came at a price. Instead of selling the system on its own, many customers were forced to buy more expensive bundles containing extra memorabilia.

But GameStop is adamant that the decision to bundle the console with extra items was to benefit the consumer and wasn’t simply to price-gouge dedicated fans.

“We really try to do a great job of pairing up items with things customers like to buy. In the case of the Switch, we know the customer is going to want a way to charge the Joy-Con, so we often throw in a charging device,” GameStop senior director of marketing Eric Bright told Glixel.

With the SNES Classic, however, there are not too many accessories. Instead, the system is often bundled with things like novelty Mega Man helmets or flasks.

“We put some items in the bundle from — retro items that would appeal to those buyers,” Bright said.

GameStop can spin it any which way it likes, but fans were extremely unhappy with this decision. The prices often soared to what they would have to pay a re-seller for the system on eBay, and very few of the items offered any direct benefit to the SNES Classic. A few bundles did include a wireless controller, but the system already comes with two wired controllers and does not support three at once. Last year’s NES Classic only came with one controller and its cable was comically short, making a wireless option quite enticing.

For fans who want to press their luck at a brick-and-mortar location, GameStop will also have a limited number of SNES Classic consoles to purchase when the system officially releases on September 29. We expect a portion of these systems will be included in bundles, as well, unless you are able to be first in line when the doors open.

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