GameStop puts a premium on nostalgia with Retro Classics online store

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Gaming retailer GameStop has launched Retro Classics, an online storefront offering a selection of premium-priced classic consoles and games from past decades.

The Retro Classics store currently features a number of sought-after titles for the Nintendo Entertainment System, Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo, N64, PlayStation, and Dreamcast consoles.

GameStop’s pricing structure appears to be influenced by current values established by eBay and other secondary markets. If you’re a fan of the 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System, for instance, you can pick up original cartridges of standout games like DuckTales ($20), Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out ($35), Excitebike ($13), Metroid ($25), Bionic Commando ($15), and The Legend of Zelda ($25).

GameStop, Inc.

The Nintendo 64 has seen a resurgence in popularity among retro circles recently, and prices on eBay have skyrocketed over the past several months. GameStop’s stock reflects current market trends. The Mario Party games on offer are priced at $40 and up, while Rare’s raunchy, Mature-rated platformer Conker’s Bad Fur Day costs $80 – more than its original retail price when it premiered back in 2001.

PlayStation and Dreamcast games are more reasonably priced, with some exceptions. The original Ape Escape is available for $15, and retro RPG compilation Final Fantasy Chronicles is up for grabs at $20. On the other hand, if you want a copy of the Capcom-developed Dreamcast rarity Power Stone 2, you can expect to shell out $70 at GameStop. It’s also worth noting that you’re not guaranteed to receive an original case or manual along with game discs purchased at GameStop – a factor that may influence resale prices for rarer games.

GameStop additionally offers used consoles for sale, assuming that your current HDTV setup supports composite or s-video input. A refurbished Sega Genesis 3 system sells for $35, and Super Nintendo consoles are available in select stores for $60 apiece.

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