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Your newest 'Hitman' mission: Kill video game version of Gary Busey within seven days

Hitman‘s “elusive target” system gives players a reason to keep returning to the episodic title, with high-profile characters available to assassinate for a limited period of time before they leave the game forever. The latest of these targets claims to be a master of combat with laser vision and mind control powers — yes, you can now kill character actor Gary Busey in Hitman.

Busey won a fan vote that also featured actor Gary Cole, best known for his role in comedies like Talladega Nights and Office Space. But Cole was no match for Busey’s proclaimed skills in tomahawk combat, bare-knuckle boxing, beast mastery, and fire breath — his demonstration suggests the fire is either very small or completely invisible.

The Gary Busey elusive target, which will be the seventh in Hitman thus far, becomes available Thursday and runs for a full week. Through the “Hitman Companion” mobile app, you’ll be able to view images of the latest targets and a countdown until they’re available, and watch briefing videos before you try to take them out yourself. Busey will be located in the Sapienza location, a beautiful village that features exploding golf balls and hazmat suits, as well as a giant functional cannon.

But here’s a tip: If you really want to get close enough to take out Gary Busey, dress up in a Chicago Cubs uniform and work on your fastball. You’ll be joining him on a World Series-bound team in no time.

The inclusion of celebrity targets might seem odd given the extremely violent nature of the Hitman series, but its straight-faced campiness and ridiculous assassinations make it a perfect fit for celebrity cameos. Who do you want to see in the game next? Pauly Shore? Stephen Baldwin? The possibilities are endless.

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