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‘God of War’: How to find every Jötnar Shrine

Here's how to find every single Jötnar Shrine in 'God of War'

Hidden in the huge Norse world of God of War is a metric ton of collectibles. Many make you a better fighter or survivor, but a whole lot of them are devoted to adding context to the game’s story and explaining the gods and other peoples who live in the God of War‘s new world. Among the most interesting are the Jötnar Shrines, a set of 11 special triptychs scattered across the world, which tell the stories of famous giants and their run-ins with Odin, Thor, and the other Aesir gods.

Most players will come across some of the Giant Shrines on their travels, but to find them all, you have to be diligent and willing to explore the many realms of Norse mythology. Here is all you need to know to find every single Giant Shrine in God of War.


You’ll find the first Giant Shrine in the Wildwoods, past the gate you’ll open by pulling the chain and freezing the gear that holds it open. Back outside, take the path to the left until you reach a chain you can climb up. It’ll take you back into the stone structure; take the stairs up to the right into a hallway that leads to the wooden shrine.

god of war giant shrine collectibles wildwoods 1
god of war giant shrine collectibles wildwoods 2


From the Edge of the Riverlands area, you will soon come through a stone structure where you encounter a Revenant. In the next room, climb the wall and follow the path ahead until it branches left and right. Take the left path into another room, where you’ll fight Draugr and another Revenant. Clear them out and head to the far end of the room to find the second shrine.

god of war giant shrine collectible riverlands 1


Once the water level has fallen in the Lake of Nine, head to the northern end to Stone Falls, where you find controls to open the big golden gates that block the passage to Veithurgard. Once you make it through, you’ll find yourself on a smaller lake. Head to the right to land on the mainland and follow the path up toward the castle. Past the chained dragon, you will find a drawbridge that leads to the castle itself, which you’ll need to open by finding the necessary runes around the courtyard in front of it. Once the door is open, head straight in to find the shrine against the wall.

god of war giant shrine collectible veithurgard

Lookout Tower

As you head for the mountain, you cross the bridge from Tyr’s Temple to the Lookout Tower. Inside the door, turn left and break down a wooden barrier to find the shrine in the room beyond.

god of war giant shrine collectible lookout tower

Alfheim — Ringed Temple

Later, you travel to the realm of Alfheim and venture to its Ringed Temple by sailing across the Lake of Light. After working your way to the entrance, you reach the bright blue door in the front of the temple, although you won’t be able to enter it yet. Head down to the right to find Sindri’s shop. The shrine is right next to it.

god of war giant shrine collectible alfheim ringed temple

The Mountain

Once you have cleared the Black Breath, continue through the mountain on your quest. You eventually hit a room in which the plan is to use a mining claw as an elevator to reach the summit above. Once you’re past that, you encounter Sindri and a lengthy boss fight that leaves Atreus with electrified arrows. Further on, you find a room where Helwalkers attack you that includes a stump from which you can pull shards of World Tree Sap. Backtrack the way you came slightly to find a red sap-covered wall. Use the shard and one of Atreus’ lightning arrows to clear it to reveal the shrine beyond.

god of war giant shrine collectible alfheim mountain 1
god of war giant shrine collectible mountain 2

Lookout Tower Beach

Once the water level in the Lake of Nine has lowered a second time, return to the beach just west of the Lookout Tower. Your goal is to get behind the statue of Thor that the World Serpent snacked on earlier. To do that, use the spinner up above the beach to the left to clear spikes from the climbing path up the wall. Keep ascending until you finally reach a zip line that will take you to an area behind the remains of the Thor statue. Fight off the Revenant, then look to the right side from your landing at the end of the zip line to find the shrine.

god of war giant shrine collectible lookout tower thor statue

Thamur’s Corpse

Heading north in search of the giant’s Magic Chisel will take you to the massive frozen corpse of the giant Thamur. Once you have collected the chisel, you exit back the way you came near Thamur’s hand, where you will find one of the magically sealed Hidden Chambers you have been encountering throughout your journey. With the chisel, you can open these doors, and this is your first chance to try to the new item out. Open the Hidden Chamber of Odin here, and as you venture inside, the first room will contain a shrine.

god of war giant shrine collectible thamur's corpse hidden chamber


You need the Favor “Hail to the King” from Brok and Sindri to access Konunsgard. Don’t bother heading this way until you have completed all their earlier favors (excluding the ones that take you to Niflheim with Sindri). That will get you the entry stone that gets you through the gate in King’s Hollow at the end of the tributary off the lake. To find the Giant Shrine, you first need to find the three entry stones that allow you access into the Konungard Stronghold, which you find by exploring the area outside. Once you make it through the doors, head up the staircase and look for an opening on the right to find the shrine.

god of war giant shrine collectible konunsgard


Muspelheim is an optional realm you can reach by using the Realm Travel Room in Tyr’s Temple. To get to it, you need to locate four pieces of the Muspelheim cipher, which are located around the Lake of Nine in Midgard. They are not especially hard to come by if you keep your eyes open and explore, and Muspelheim makes some powerful crafting components available. You will find Brok in Muspelheim soon after you arrive, setting up shop near the end of the bridge to Tyr’s Temple. The Giant Shrine is right behind him, a little to your left as you exit the tunnel.

god of war giant shrine collectibles muspelheim

Tyr’s Temple — Secret Room

The final shrine will only become accessible as you work your way through the story, and it’s pretty close to the end. After exploring Tyr’s Vault for the first time, you will work to get a key to one last location inside Tyr’s Temple. As you venture into it, you eventually come to an elevator that will descend down into the depths of the temple. As the elevator reaches the floor below, pull a 180 to face the wall behind you, where you will find the final shrine.

god of war giant shrine collectibles Tyr's Temple

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