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A stirring new ‘God of War’ story trailer reveals an April 20 launch on PS4

God of War – Story Trailer | PS4
We now know when Kratos will make his return in God of War, and it’s not far off. A new story trailer revealed the PlayStation 4 exclusive launches on April 20.

Since its reveal at E3 2016, we’ve known the game centers on the relationship between Kratos and his son Atreus and takes place years after the events of the God of War III. The soft reboot trades Greek mythology for Norse mythology.

In the new trailer, we learn more about the plot. Atreus’ mother dies at the start of the game. Her last wish was to have her ashes scattered at the “High Speaking Realms.” That symbolic task drives the journey Kratos and Atreus embark on together.

While Kratos seeks to guide his son in a dangerous world, it seems as if his past deeds will come back to haunt him. Arteus is at least partially blind to his father’s history, but as the story carries on, it seems as if certain ugly truths will be spilled.

Setting itself up as part redemption story, part coming-of-age tale, the trailer demonstrates once again why God of War will likely be one of the most talked about PlayStation 4 games of the year.

All those who pre-order net three legendary shield skins. Pre-orders at GameStop give Kratos the Luck of Ages XP Boost, which increases experience gained, currency finds, and allows Kratos to trigger more fighting perks.

Along with the standard edition of the game, three special editions will be available on April 20. The Digital Deluxe Edition ($70) includes a God of War comic from Dark Horse Comics, an artbook, Death’s Vow Armor Set, an extra shield skin, and a PS4 dynamic theme.

The Collector’s Edition ($130) comes with a 9-inch Kratos and Arteus statue, 2-inch Huldra Brothers Carvings, lithograph, cloth map, and steel bookcase, as well as all of the goodies from the Digital Deluxe Edition.

On top of everything included in the Collector’s Edition, the Stone Mason Edition ($150) features four physical versions of important in-game items: the Defender of the Chosen Shield Skin, the Stone Mason’s Ring, Mimir’s Head Talking Keychain, and 2-inch Horse and Troll Carvings.

God of War launches on April 20 on PlayStation 4.

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