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Modders hack ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ and bring in Liberty City

OpenIV Team presents Liberty City in GTA V (Teaser trailer 1)
If you miss roaming around Liberty City from Grand Theft Auto IV, then these modders have your back.

The OpenIV development team has just released a new teaser trailer showing off the very familiar Liberty City cityscape on the horizon.

On the GTA Forums, the OpenIV Development team detailed exactly what this new mod will bring. It won’t replace Liberty City or Blaine County, but will instead allow players to access it via a trek across the sea. To avoid any legal snafus, the mod itself won’t install Liberty City, but will instead take the assets from players’ locally installed copy of Grand Theft Auto IV, and insert it into Grand Theft Auto V using a converter tool.

Because Rockstar doesn’t allow mods during online play, using Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto V will be an entirely single player affair. The OpenIV development team warns that there is a very high probability of being banned from GTA Online if this mod is used.

As for what players will be able to do inside the mod, “at the beginning, not very much,” said Yuriy Krivoruchko, one of the modders behind OpenIV. “Right now the team is concentrating on getting the city to function properly. We are not going to convert the whole game, just map, so there will not be any GTA IV missions,” he added.

Luckily, all of Liberty City will be included, meaning all boroughs and pedestrians. And the team will continue to add features as time goes on. Krivoruchko even said that players can add mods on top of Liberty City.

Grand Theft Auto IV was released back in 2008 on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC to universal praise. Its world enveloped players in a story about an Eastern European immigrant named Niko Bellic who was trying to escape his past and make a new start in America. But its interpretation of a late 2000s New York is what made it stand out. Up until the release of Grand Theft Auto V, mods were still being made for IV, bringing in better visuals and new assets.

The OpenIV Development team plans to bring this mod out as soon as possible and no beta is planned.

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