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Halo Infinite’s first event brings samurai armor and Fiesta mode

Anyone playing Halo Infinite‘s multiplayer can dive into the game’s first free event starting today, Fracture: Tenrai, which comes complete with a 30-level battle pass packed with samurai-themed cosmetics.

Halo Infinite | Fracture: Tenrai Launch Trailer

The Fracture: Tenrai event runs for the next six days, giving players a short time to work their way through its battle pass. The pass rewards players with cosmetics only, much like the game’s main battle pass, but with samurai flavoring. Suits of armor with layered metal and oni-themed helmets are available for anyone who can reach the pass’ later levels. Halo Infinite‘s in-game shop will also be littered with similarly styled cosmetics this week for anyone who doesn’t mind spending a bit of cash.

Spartans dressed as samurai for Halo Infinite's Tenrai event.

Progressing through the Fracture: Tenrai battle pass is nearly identical to progressing through Halo Infinite‘s regular seasonal battle pass. XP for the event battle pass can only be earned by completing special challenges which are denoted by a small red banner on their left side. A majority of these challenges also center around Halo Infinite‘s first new game mode, Fiesta. Returning from previous Halo titles, Fiesta is a chaotic game mode that gives players new, random weapons every time they spawn.

Fracture: Tenrai is the first event of its kind to hit Halo Infinite, and it won’t be the last. More weeklong events are coming to the game, and each will also return periodically. For instance, if players aren’t able to earn everything during the Fracture: Tenrai event this week, they’ll have another chance when it happens again in January 2022.

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