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Harvestella Jobs guide: How to unlock, how to upgrade, and more

The combat system is Harvestella is almost entirely powered by Jobs. Whether you’re looking to hack away with a gigantic sword or keep your distance while casting spells, you’ll need to master the Job system if you’re hoping to find success. There’s a lot of flexibility to the system, although it might be hard for newcomers to wrap their heads around all its nuances.

Here’s a closer look at the Jobs in Harvestella, along with how they work, how to unlock them, and how to level them up.

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What are Jobs in Harvestella?

A Harvestella player engaged in combat.

Jobs are essentially classes that offer unique skills and attributes during combat. Some excel at close-range combat and dealing fire damage, while others are used to sling spells from a distance. Only one Job (Fighter) will be available to you at the start of the game, although you’ll quickly unlock more as you play through the main story. You’ll also gain the ability to swap between them in the middle of combat to gain the upper hand.

How to use Jobs in Harvestella

The Job menu in Harvestella.

Once you’ve unlocked a Job, you’ll need to assign it to your character before you can use it. This can be done by pausing the game and heading to the Party menu. From here, simply select your character, then highlight one of the three Job slots at the bottom of the screen. You’ll then have the option to assign a Job to one of these slots.

With your Jobs equipped, you’ll now have access to them while in combat. Keep in mind that both your Job Skills and the Jobs themselves carry cooldowns. For example, if you are playing as a Mage and switch to Fighter, the Mage Job will be locked for a few seconds, preventing you from using it. There’s also a cooldown for each skill. This makes it crucial to plan out your strategy ahead of time, as there’s nothing worse than having to wait for a cooldown timer before switching back to a Job you need or a skill you’d like to use.

Jobs can also be upgraded to make them more effective. As you slay enemies, you’ll accrue Job Points (JP). These are exchanged for new skills and passive abilities in the Job menu. Instead of having one large pool of JP, each individual Job has its own pool of JP. In other words, the more you use a specific Job, the faster you can level it up.

All available Jobs in Harvestella

A player casting a spell in Harvestella.

Harvestella lets you unlock Jobs by improving your relationship with certain characters. Here’s a closer look at Jobs in Harvestella and how to earn them.

  • Fighter: a close-range class that fights with a sword and inflicts Fire damage; unlocked automatically.
  • Mage: a ranged class that deals Ice and Lightning damage; unlocked after a Higan Canyon boss fight.
  • Assault Savant: Deal Sage or Crushing damage at will. Unlocked by improving relationship with Aria.
  • Avenger: Use ranged attacks for Ice and Fire damage. Unlocked by improving relationship with Brakka.
  • Sky Lancer: Deal Wind damage a spear. Unlocked by improving relationship with Asyl.
  • Shadow Walker: Wield dual blades for fast attacks. Unlocked by improving relationship with Istina.
  • Mechanic: support class that uses physical attacks; unlocked by improving relationship with Heine.
  • Pilgrim: Use both fighting and magic skills. Unlocked by improving relationship with Shrika.
  • Woglinde: support class that uses long-ranged magic; unlocked by improving relationship with Emo.
  • Lunamancer: Casts AoE attacks to eliminate groups. Unlocked by improving relationship with Dianthus.

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