HBO Go coming to PS3 and PS4


The HBO Go app is coming to PlayStation 3 soon, with the PlayStation 4 app to follow, according to Sony. As with other HBO Go apps, you will still need an HBO cable TV subscription.

The app grants you much of HBO’s content on demand, including its original series including the recently debuted True Detective, older series’ like Deadwood, and current hits like Game of Thrones. The service also includes sports, documentaries, movies, and more. HBO Go is currently available on several platforms, including the Xbox 360 and soon the Xbox One.

An exact date wasn’t given for when the app will appear on the Sony devices, but it will come to the PS3 first, with the PS4 debut to follow. HBO is also planning a standalone HBO Go app that won’t require a cable TV HBO subscription, but instead a subscription directly through HBO. There is no timeframe yet for this app, and cable TV providers have proven resistant to the idea.