Hearthstone players charge into Blackrock Mountain on April 2

hearthstone blackrock mountain april 2
Earlier this month we reported that the next adventure add-on for Hearthstone would be Blackrock Mountain, which is based on the World of Warcraft raid of the same game. Now it has been revealed that eager Hearthstone fans won’t have long to wait, as Blizzard has announced that the adventure is coming on April 2.

The adventure is also introducing 31 new cards to the game, including numerous villains and two new class cards for each of the game’s nine classes. Blizzard revealed three of the new cards yesterday. Among them is Nefarian, a.k.a. Blackwing.

“In Blackrock Mountain: A Hearthstone Adventure,” Blizzard announced,you can follow Blackwing’s descent into his vile Hidden Laboratory and brave the horrors of his hideous experiments to recruit some of Nefarian’s most useful minions for your collection.”

The two other cards are the Volcanic Drake, which has, according to Blizzard, “a weakness for snacks,” and the Drakonid Crusher. “He’s a Drakonid. He crushes things. He crushes injured heroes really well. What more do you want?” A total of 17 of the 31 new cards have been revealed so far.

Like Hearthstone’s first single-player adventure Curse of Naxxramas, released last year, Blackrock Mountain will consist of single-player “boss encounters,” and won’t be available all at once. The adventure consists of five “wings,” with a new wing opening each week in April.

As the wings open up, they can be purchased with in-game currency at 700 gold per wing, or players can spend real-world money to buy them for $7 per wing. If players want to get a head start on Blackrock Mountain, the game is available for pre-purchase now. This will also get you a special card that can only be obtained by pre-purchasing the adventure with non-game currency.

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