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Hitman 3’s first update brings new targets and escalation missions to the game

Hitman 3 is getting its first round of new content starting today. The stealth action hit will receive new escalation missions throughout February that add weapons and costumes to the game.

Like its predecessors, Hitman 3 will receive extensive post-launch support from developer IO Interactive. The studio won’t bring any new levels to the game, but it will build out the game’s content with a host of special mission variants.

The first new escalation mission is available today. Players can load into a special version of the game’s standout Dartmoor mission, where the objective is to kill the entire Carlisle family via “accidental” assassinations.

Hitman 3 Feb Roadmap
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The game will receive a pair of featured contracts later in February that task players with hunting down new targets. A contract created by the folks at MinnMax goes live on February 11 and will give players more characters to assassinate in the game’s Dubai level. A contract created by Kinda Funny will land on February 23 and be set in the Dartmoor level.

Other new escalation missions include a Dubai-set mission where players have to throw knives at hanging boxes that arrives February 18 and an elusive target event set in Sapienza from February 26 to March 8.

Players who own Hitman 3‘s deluxe edition will get two special escalations on February 23. One will task players with hacking down targets with a white samurai sword in the game’s final level and the other is all about poisoning targets in the game’s vineyard level. Both missions bring a set of new gear to the game, including an emetic grenade and the White Shadow costume.

Hitman 3 will also receive a general game update on February 23.

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