More time to exercise that trigger finger: Hotline Miami 2 delayed for ‘tweaks and polish’

Hotline Miami 2
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number has been delayed again to late 2014 or early 2015. Developer Dennaton Games tweeted the news this morning and added in a follow-up: “Your patience is appreciated and will ultimately be rewarded with everything you hoped for and nothing like what you expected.” The game was originally scheduled for fall 2013.

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Wrong Number picks up where the gory, surreal action of the first Hotline Miami left off, featuring multiple perspectives that pick apart the aftermath of Jacket’s bloody rampage through Miami’s Russian mob. Different characters will feature different abilities to vary gameplay. A hard mode unlocked when you pass a given level with a grade of C+ or better will up the challenge, and a level editor will let you build your own challenging little meat grinders.

We adored the first game, and have high hopes that any extra time the developers want will be taken to ensure a sequel that lives up to their fantastic first effort.

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