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How to earn more Republic Bucks and Coins in Riders Republic

There’s so much to do and see in the open world of Riders Republic that is just impossible, or improbable, to do in real life. This world is built around allowing you to live out your dream of becoming an extreme sports star as you ski, board, bike, and fly through tons of races and events with people from all over the world. Aside from your skills, the other main way you can make your mark is in how you design your character. There are tons of different outfits and cosmetics, from gas-spewing helmets to leather jackets, gloves, boots, and more.

Your pass to blast your way down the mountain is already paid for, but all the gear, cosmetics, and even player emotes need to be bought in the in-game shop. Being a Ubisoft open-world game, and a multiplayer one at that, things obviously aren’t going to come easy. Riders Republic has two types of currency you will need to learn: Republic Bucks and Republic Coins. You’ll also need to know how to amass them if you want to fully deck out your character with the best fashion available. If you’re light on cash but have your eye on a fancy new outfit, here’s how to earn more Republic Bucks and Coins in Riders Republic.

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How to earn Republic Bucks

Earning cash for ranking up a Star level.
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Republic Bucks are the primary currency of Riders Republic. This is the currency you will earn through various actions you take while playing. Things like winning races and participating in all the various events will all add to your Republic Buck wallet. You can’t grind out these bucks in any way you want, and some ways will earn you more than others, too.

You should start out by doing as many races and trick courses as possible. The first, and only the first, time you complete one you will get a nice 1,000 Republic Bucks. However, you only get that cash for the first time you finish any specific event, so move around the map and do them all.

While you’re making your way through all these events, you will get even more Republic Bucks by reaching higher Star ratings on events, which will also help you unlock new events in different sports, too. Star ranks can get you anywhere from 2,000 to 10,000 bucks for achieving them, but you can only hit a Star rank once.

In the long term, Sponsor Contracts are going to be your most consistent and highest paying method for getting Republic Bucks. After you’ve unlocked the sponsorship system by getting a high enough Star rank, make sure you take on the maximum of three sponsors right away. Every sponsor you have will give you daily contracts (daily missions, in other words) that you can complete each day. These are usually pretty quick to complete, like just doing a few races, and well worth doing every time they refresh. Plus, as you do them, you will make progress with those sponsors and unlock even more gear and items unique to that sponsor.

If you’re still trying to eke out some more cash, it can be worth looking to find and break the RR balloons that are scattered across the map. These each reward you with 50 Republic Bucks for bursting them, which is certainly a small amount. But considering there are an insane 500 balloons across the map, that amount can quickly add up.

Online modes do give some Republic Bucks for every round you play but are not as time-effective as any of the other methods mentioned before.

Ranking up will be a passive way to get a nice, consistent stream of Republic Bucks. As you rank up, you’ll get a little bonus cash for leveling up. Ranking up will come naturally as you’re doing all the other methods, so you won’t really have to go out of your way to earn them this way.

How to get Republic Coins

Browsing the daily shop.
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Because Ubisoft can’t help themselves, there had to be a currency that you need to pay real money for. Republic Coins can only be purchased for real-world cash. You can get 500 for $5, 1050 for $10, 2,300 for $20, 4,200 for $35, or the maximum of 6,600 for $50. The larger bundle you get, the cheaper the individual cost is, but we don’t recommend getting them in almost any situation. A vast majority of the cosmetics in the store can be purchased with either a ton of Republic Bucks or some Republic Coins, so you’re better off saving up than forking over your hard-earned cash. Unless you really like the look of something you can’t buy with bucks, just stick to earning cash the old-fashioned way.

Hopefully, they don’t add too many items that require Coins, but for now, there’s not a huge incentive to pay up any additional money on cosmetics.

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