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PlayStation 2019 Wrap-Up: How to see your year in PS4 gaming

We haven’t yet hit the onslaught of video game releases for 2020, with those not really starting until around March. While you wait for new games, however, PlayStation is giving you the chance to reminisce on your last year in gaming with its PlayStation 2019 Wrap-Up.

The PlayStation 2019 Wrap-Up gives you a snapshot of your 2019 gaming history on PlayStation 4, breaking down your time spent playing various games, sorting them into categories, and even providing you with a neat title that you can wear proudly to show your love for a particular genre.

Getting your own PlayStation 2019 Wrap-Up is remarkably simple. Here’s how to do it.

How to view your PlayStation 2019 Wrap-Up

In order to view your PlayStation 2019 Wrap-Up, all you have to do is follow this link to the official PlayStation website. From there, log in with the same account credentials you use for the PlayStation account on PS4, wait a few seconds, and all of your information will be displayed on the page.

At the very head of the page, you’ll see your top three most-played games of the year. In our case, it was MLB The Show 19, followed by Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

Below that, your top genre will be selected and it will give you information on how many games you played in that genre, as well as your total playtime and trophies you earned in the genre.

The PlayStation 2019 Wrap-Up provides your total hours of gameplay across all titles as well and shows how many hours were played locally, how many were in PlayStation VR, your longest marathon, and on how many days you played during the year. However, the information on online play appears to be inconsistent — ours said we never played online all year, which is not true.

Lastly, you’ll see information on the total number of trophies you earned across all four categories, as well as the total number of free games you downloaded through PlayStation Plus. For us, that total was higher than the number of games we played in 2019, so we can stay busy for months to come, if not years.

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