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IGDA issues statement on sexual abuse in the game industry

The International Game Developers Association, which helps coordinate developer conferences and supports advocacy groups in the gaming industry, released a statement Tuesday regarding the recent sexual harassment allegations in the gaming industry.

Gaming industry companies, from developers to streaming services, have faced numerous allegations of sexual harassment in recent weeks. Several Ubisoft employees, including its brand marketing manager and associate director of public relations, were put on leave for misconduct allegations, according to Bloomberg.

Twitch faced a series of allegations on behalf of users who sexually harass female streamers and users online. The platform has since laid out its intention to suspend those who violate its sexual misconduct policies. Still, women are skeptical and female streamers offered a lukewarm response.

“It is heartbreaking to witness how many people have suffered at the hands of abusers within our industry and to recognize how many more continue to bear their pain in silence,” the IGDA said in a statement.

The IGDA provided a link to guidance for victims and witnesses of sexual harassment on how to report it and concluded by inspiring gamers to come together in addressing the various issues within the industry.

Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, and Twitch have all responded to sexual harassment allegations, but IGDA is the first gaming industry organization to weigh in. But many companies are focused on issues within their own workforce, players of their games, or users on their platforms, rather than looking at the larger problem. The IGDA provided harassment resources that anyone in the field can use for reporting instances of sexual harassment.

Each organization that’s commented publicly has expressed a desire to address these issues head-on and offered resources for victims. Still, many will look to how well it holds up those promises before welcoming a new era in gaming. The numerous allegations so far indicate there is a long way to go before that era is achieved.

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