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You can now apply to work at Ikea’s upcoming store — in Roblox

A smiling worker inside the Roblox Ikea experience. He's wearing a yellow shirt and has an Ikea lanyard with a key card around his neck.

Ikea is opening a new store, and is hiring some workers to help. Best of all, it’s fully remote. The catch? It’s in Roblox.

The Swedish home furnishing company announced on Monday that it’s launching The Co-Worker Game, where players can explore a virtual Ikea universe. It also revealed that it’s hiring 10 paid workers, and that it’s taking applications until June 16. The store will open on June 24.

According to the press release, the job is all about customer service and helping out people inside the game. It even says that you can get promoted and move around to different departments, “just like in the real world.” (Although, to use video game parlance, the company refers to it as “progression.”) The positions will pay 13.15 British pounds ($16.80), but are on a limited contract. So no, you can’t put 10 years of your life into Ikea in Roblox. You also have to be at least 18 years old and a resident of the U.K. and Ireland.

This is all part of a PR campaign to encourage more real-life recruitment at the company, specifically in the U.K. and Ireland. “The virtual store … is designed to introduce users to the breadth of roles and career progression routes available at Ikea through a series of games inspired by real-life jobs at the Swedish retailer,” the post reads. People and Culture Manager Darren Taylor said that it’s meant to reflect what working at a store based in reality would look like.

“At Ikea, there is no set route to career progression,” he wrote. “Our co-workers are able to change roles, switch departments, and grow in any direction they choose, both in the game or in the real world.”

This will also be just the first part of the company’s campaign, although it’s unclear if that’ll involve more Roblox games. From screenshots, it certainly looks like a real Ikea — of course, with Roblox’s blocky style draped over it. One shows a bedroom setup, while another shows the market where you can get Ikea food like Swedish meatballs once you’re done going through the maze that is the main showroom.

User-generated content like what you get on platforms like Roblox is a rising trend in the video game world. Recently, Disney announced a $1.5 billion investment in Fortnite that will lead to themed experiences inside the game.

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