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The best weapons in Immortals Fenyx Rising and where to find them

Immortal Fenyx Rising takes the open-world exploration of an Assassin’s Creed game and blends it with the visual aesthetic of Breath of the Wild. Fenyx Rising dives deep into ancient Greek lore as you obtain powerful weapons and armor to defeat the legendary monsters of ancient Greek mythology.

Developed by Ubisoft Quebec, the same company that led Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey, Fenyx Rising takes a different approach to combat and adventure as players solve puzzles and tackle mini-bosses. You’ll be thoroughly rewarded for your efforts with some of the best weapons in the game. Here are the best weapons players can get in the early stages of Immortals Fenyx Rising.

Departed Shade — Sword

Immortals Fenyx Rising Departed Shade
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The Departed Shade, fully upgraded, will grant players a 42% damage buff for six seconds upon performing a perfect dodge. It will also create three Stamina orbs whenever you connect with a sprinting sword attack. Swords in Immortals Fenyx Rising will always aid in replenishing stamina. They are much faster than axes but will deal less damage.

To find this weapon, you’ll have to head to the Guarded Chest located southwest of the Hall of The Gods. Defeat the enemies surrounding it and claim its contents as your own. Remember, performing perfect dodges will slow time and leave enemies wide open for a buffed attack. Combine these with perfect parries, and the Departed Shade will slay any beast in your way.

Tempest Axe

Axes in Immortals Fenyx Rising are slower than swords and consume more stamina. However, they’ll deal considerably more damage and always have the chance to stun your opponents — even the big ones. Stun damage is often overlooked in video games. It’ll mean the difference between dealing two to three attacks or being countered. The Tempest Axe is meant to dish out the stun damage. When upgraded, this ax grants a 28% chance to deal triple damage when performing an aerial attack combo. Additionally, the Tempest Axe will also add 60% stun damage to Axe Cleave.

Players should pair the Tempest Axe with the Harpy Helmet, which will buff your aerial attacks even further. The Tempest Axe will be found in a Guarded Chest West of The Hall of the Gods. Like every other Guarded Chest, this one will be surrounded by enemies. You should always be prepared for a fight when attempting to liberate these chests.

Resistance Bow

Immortals Fenyx Rising Flying
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Bows, in general, are going to be one of your best friends in Immortals Fenyx Rising. They’re excellent for dealing with smaller flying enemies and can be used to deal damage from a distance against larger opponents. You’ll need bows, especially Appolo’s Guided Arrows, to solve puzzles and progress the story. The Resistance Bow will send smaller enemies flying with a 225 stun damage buff to charged shots. The bow also has a 40% chance to freeze enemies for five seconds.

If you’re questing for these weapons all at once, you’ll want to head for the Resistance Bow after finding the Departed Shade from above. The bow is located in another Guarded Chest, on a tiny island south of the Hall of The Gods.

Cyclone Sword

If you’re looking to play more of the aerial game but find axes to be too slow, then the Cyclone Sword might be for you! The Cyclone Sword has a 28% Chance to deal triple damage with Sword Air Combo. Executing a perfect dodge will also replenish upward of 160% of your stamina chunks when fully upgraded. Once again, players should consider pairing this sword with the Harpy Helmet for maximized aerial damage output.

The Cyclone Sword, like the other weapons on this list, will be found in a guarded chest west of the Gates of Tartaros. It will be in the lower-left corner of the area that resembles dozens of light blue plateaus. Defeat a massive rock-throwing enemy and claim the Cyclone Sword for yourself.

Crystal Shadow Hammer

Immortals Fenyx Rising Hammer
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The Crystal Shadow Hammer could make the difference between winning and losing a mini-boss fight. Each mini-boss is often surrounded by smaller enemies that will attack you relentlessly. Wouldn’t it be nice to freeze them in place? The Crystal Shadow Hammer will freeze enemies for eight seconds after executing a perfect parry on them. It also offers a 60% stun with Axe Smash (after acquiring the ability from the skill tree, of course). This Hammer is excellent for crowd control as you can freeze smaller enemies to focus on the big ones or freeze the big boys and make mince-meat of the small ones.

Players can find the Crystal Shadow Hammer in a Guarded Chest. Head southwest from the God of War statue until you stumble upon the War’s Den. Take out the surrounding enemies, and the Crystal Shadow Hammer is yours!

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Where else could we start but with the Red9? Almost certainly the most popular handgun -- or gun in general -- from the original Resident Evil 4 has returned in the remake and is just as potent as ever. Not only can you grab this gun as early as Chapter 3, making it a great choice for investing your upgrades in, but it can be altered and has essentially no drawbacks. By default, the Red9's recoil is the primary point of criticism you could levy at it, but if you spend a few Spinels to give it the stock, you'll be able to basically snipe with this pistol. By the time you unlock the Exclusive upgrade, which multiplies the gun's power by 1.5x, you'll hardly ever find a situation where this handgun can't do the job.
Bolt Thrower
The Bolt Thrower isn't on this list for its high power, accuracy, or anything that you would traditionally look for in a gun. The reason it has to be here is due to the simple fact that you can recover the bolts it shoots into enemies after they're dead to massively cut down on your ammo expenditure. Ammo for it is also crafted using knives, but it even has a secondary firing method where it launches mines, giving it a lot more utility. The Exclusive upgrade isn't game-changing -- it doubles the ammo capacity -- but the less you have to reload, the less often you'll be caught in a sticky situation.
In the rifle category, the Stingray is never going to let you down. This is a semiautomatic rifle, so the firing rate is mostly up to you, plus it has a great clip size by default. If you're hitting those weak points, this baby will also deal 3x damage, and can be outfitted with almost any scope. The Exclusive upgrade boosts your final firing rate by an additional 2x, which shouldn't be too necessary if you're trying to be precise, though can help in a pinch.
LE 5
The LE 5 is a weapon you can easily miss that is kind of like a good version of the Punisher in that it has amazing penetration power. Being an SMG, it also boasts a far greater firing rate and clip size, as well as more power. This is the perfect weapon to rip through any shield-wielding enemies. Again like the Punisher, the Exclusive upgrade allows the LE 5 to pierce up to five targets at once.
Broken Butterfly
Another returning favorite, the Broken Butterfly magnum is not just the best-looking hand cannon in the game, but also the most deadly. If you don't count a special weapon like the Rocket Launcher, the Broken Butterfly (after upgrades) deals the most damage of any gun in the Resident Evil 4 remake. The Exclusive upgrade plays a major part in this by boosting its final damage by 1.5x, again just like the Red9, but magnum upgrades are among the most expensive in the game, so this power won't come easy.
What's the worst part of a shotgun? The firing rate. Well, that is if you're not using the Striker. This semiautomatic shotgun spits out damage like nobody's business. It has power on par with any other shotgun, but way better firing speed, plus a massive clip size so you don't have to worry about running dry out an enemy in your face. If you get the Exclusive upgrade, you can even double the already huge clip size.
Rocket Launcher
This is a big investment both in terms of cash and space, but the Rocket Launcher is too iconic to the series not to be amazing. Yes, this has a one-hit kill on just about everything and will cost more or less depending on what difficulty level you're playing on. It has no upgrades because, well, what is there to make better? Unless you're playing with the infinite ammo for it enabled, you do only get one shot, so make it count.
Primal Knife
While technically not a gun, the knife is so good in the Resident Evil 4 remake that it has to be mentioned. This tool will save your skin more often than you think thanks to the new ability to parry and finish downed enemies, but the obvious drawback is durability. The Primal Knife has to be unlocked by finding and destroying all 16 of the Clockwork Castellans in the game. What makes it the clear frontrunner of all knives is the Exclusive upgrade that makes it completely unbreakable, no matter how much you use it.

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Both Horizon games are RPGs, though more focused on the action aspects by far. In the first game, Aloy had a very simple RPG progression system. There were a few simple skill trees, and new weapons and armor sets to unlock, buy, and earn through quests, plus some minor alterations you could do to customize them. With Horizon Forbidden West, not only has the action been cranked up to a new level but so have the role-playing elements, specifically with loot. This game has a full-on looter tier system ranging from common weapons all the way up to the most powerful and unique Legendary tier of items.

Legendary weapons in Horizon Forbidden West won't just drop out in the world. Even the toughest enemies you can face in the wild have no chance to drop a Legendary weapon, and not even the main quest will reward you with the most powerful arsenal Aloy can get. These unique weapons of which there are only nine, one for each weapon type, have very specific requirements to earn that can be the most challenging tasks in the entire game. If you want to be the most deadly robot dinosaur hunter possible, we'll show you all the Legendary weapons in Horizon Forbidden West and how you can get them.

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