Infamous 2 Trailer Debuts; The Original Cole Returns

infamous 2 trailer debuts the original cole returns artwork

In the original PlayStation 3 exclusive Infamous, the main character was a force to be reckoned with. With a gruff voice, a shaved head, and a distinctive yellow and black color scheme, Cole MacGrath either saved or enslaved the people of Empire City, and he did it with style. So it wasn’t surprising to hear that a sequel was underway. What was surprising was to see the radical change to the look of the character, a look that fans universally despised.

To add to the change in visual look, the actor that voiced the character of Cole in the original game was also replaced when the development team decided to hire an actor to do the physical movements for Cole as well as the voice. The combination of the new look and the new voice did not sit well with many fans.

Today at Gamescon, IGN is reporting that Infamous developer Sucker Punch recognized the feelings towards the new look of Cole, and responded by brining back the original look for Cole.  Check out the trailer below, then sound off on what you think of the return of the original look for Cole.