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August rush: Playdead's creepy 'Inside' hits PlayStation 4 this month

Inside, developer Playdead’s critically acclaimed follow-up to the 2010 platformer Limbo, is about to reach a brand new audience. After a month of Xbox and PC exclusivity, the game will make its way to PlayStation 4.

The news comes with a new PlayStation 4 trailer, which highlights the perfect scores the game has received so far from outlets like IGN, Giant Bomb, and USGamer. In our review, we called Inside “a testament to expert artists and technicians, willing to set aside a relentless pursuit of bigger and newer and instead deliver a nearly perfect, refined little game.”

The official announcement comes just a day after it was discovered that the game’s trophy list was online for PlayStation 4. The game doesn’t appear to function any differently on the system (its simple two-button control scheme makes porting an easier process) but Inside is curiously absent from another Sony system: the PlayStation Vita. While nowhere close to the power of current-gen home consoles, the Vita was more than capable of running Limbo, and it was even offered as a PlayStation Plus free game in 2014.

It’s best to experience Inside‘s murky, creepy, and ambiguous story with as little information as possible, but if you were a fan of the studio’s previous game, there’s a very good chance you’ll enjoy Inside, as well. It innovates and builds on core platforming mechanics in a way we haven’t seen before, and its art direction, while perhaps not as immediately “iconic” as Limbo, serves the game’s somber setting and tone perfectly. Feel free to read up on the game’s trophies, too. They’re all related to collectible items, and the descriptions for each are intentionally vague.

Inside is currently available on Xbox One and PC, and will be released for PlayStation 4 on August 23. We’ll be crossing our fingers for a Vita version eventually.

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