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Just like death, we don’t know when IO Interactive’s new ‘Hitman’ is coming

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IO Interactive revealed that development on the much-anticipated sequel to its episodic Hitman title is well underway and that we can expect a number of “franchise firsts” for the next game. Although it’s not quite ready to reveal everything, the Danish developer promises much, with official details set to be revealed early in 2018.

The latest game in the Hitman series, broke new ground for the franchise by releasing in an episodic manner. The style proved popular among gamers and the game has sold more than 7 million copies. That fact was announced by CEO of developer IO Interactive Hakan Abrak alongside the debut of the new Game of the Year edition of Hitman Season One.

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But Abrak also made the first tease about the next Hitman game. Although expected after the success of the latest title in the series, Abrak made it official with his post, stating: “Your support will directly help us to continue on our independent journey toward the next Hitman game and beyond. We’re in this together and we promise that we will channel our passion and skills to shine through in everything that comes from this studio.”

Unfortunately, Abrak’s announcement was more of a tease than a big reveal. He did, however, highlight that the next game would also break new ground for the Hitman series, with “exciting new features” and “some franchise firsts.”

As much as he claims that he “can’t wait to tell” us about them, Abrak pledged not to reveal anything concrete about the next game until 2018.

IO Interactive isn’t just being quiet to be coy, though. Although it makes sense to wait until the opportune moment to announce new features for its upcoming game, it has also undergone a dramatic shift in its internal structure over the past six months. In mid-2017 it split from the then-parent company, Square Enix, amid concerns that it may be shuttered as a studio.

Abrak explained the relative silence that followed the move as intentional, while the company focused inward to figure out what it wants to stand for in its own right. As it figures that out in the months to come, it seems likely it will begin to reveal more about its inner workings and the development of future titles.

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