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Hitman 3 VR is coming to PC next year along with ray tracing

Following a year of DLC content released through the Seven Deadly Sins expansionHitman 3‘s second year will include even more for fans, as long as they’re playing on PC. The game’s second year of content has just been announced by IO Interactive CEO Hakan Abrak, and although it doesn’t include new contracts or targets, PC players will finally get to play the game in VR and with ray tracing enabled.

HITMAN 3 - Year 2 Announcement

According to Abrak, who spoke in a video posted to the Hitman YouTube channel, Hitman 3 VR will launch on PC in January, along with an Elusive Target Arcade. At the moment, Hitman 3 VR is exclusive to PlayStation consoles, likely because the game has an exclusivity deal on PC with the Epic Games store. However, with that deal set to end in 2022, the game can come to Steam in full, along with VR.

It’s not clear what the Elusive Target Arcade itself will include, although it will likely offer players a new way to gun for the game’s old targets.

Ray tracing is also scheduled to hit Hitman 3‘s PC version in 2022, although it doesn’t have a solid release date yet. IO hasn’t said if other PC exclusive features, like support for DLSS or FSR, will also be coming to Hitman 3.

Along with those new features, IO Interactive is also working on more mainline content for Hitman 3. According to Abrak, the developer currently has “more maps, new storylines, new modes, and new ways of playing,” all coming in 2022. Abrak also teased that the developer is working on some “surprises” for its community.

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