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Game bundle supporting Ukraine offers nearly 1,000 products

Anyone looking to pick up some choice indie games or visual novels for cheap can get their fill for what might be a lifetime, all while supporting Ukraine. A new bundle on that costs just $10 includes nearly 1,000 products, including some pretty notable indie titles.

The bundle for Ukraine will be available until March 18 and has already raised a whopping $805,000 for the country currently facing violent aggression from Russia. Specifically, any money spent on the bundle is going to the International Medical Corps, which is currently providing medical assistance in the region, and Voices of Children, a Ukrainian organization that gives children the resources needed to recover from PTSD.

Not surprisingly, the bundle includes a decent number of notable indie games that were released over the past decade. By purchasing the bundle for a minimum of $10, customers can get access to Superhot, Skatebird, A Short HikeBaba is YouCeleste, and Minit. Of course, those aren’t the only indie games on the bundle’s list of nearly 1,000 products, but they’re the most notable ones I’ve spotted so far.’s bundle is the latest way the games industry has poured out support for Ukraine. Other companies in the country and neighboring nations have already begun supporting Ukraine’s armed forces through donations or pleas for financial assistance. Some have instead taken direct actions against Russia, including the company behind Cyberpunk 2077, CD Projekt Group, which is no longer selling products in Russia. Sony and Microsoft have also taken their own actions against Russia, with the latter halting all “new” sales of its products to Russian users.

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