Skip to main content games bundle raises $1 million in less than 24 hours for racial justice, a digital marketplace for indie games, has raised more than $1 million in less than 24 hours from a bundle that seeks to support racial justice.

The Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality includes 742 games from 564 developers, worth a total of $3,453. However, is selling the bundle for only a minimum donation of $5, which is a definite steal.

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We reached out to our community and an unprecedented number of creators donated over 740 projects to be part of what we believe is the largest bundle ever.

The Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality is now available #BlackLivesMatter

— (@itchio) June 6, 2020

The contents of the bundle range from smaller games to certified indie hits such as Oxenfree, Wide Ocean Big Jacket, Overland, Tonight We Riot, A Short Hike, A Mortician’s Tale, and Super Hexagon, just to name a few.

The bundle proved to be popular at the onset, with $234,000 raised after just about six hours. As of the time of writing, has already raised more than $1.1 million, with nine days still left in the sale. That amount is expected to keep going up, especially with 185 new games soon to be added to the bundle, and presumably even more over the course of the sale. will donate all the proceeds of the bundle’s sale to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and a collection of community bail funds, which are supporting the people behind the Black Lives Matter movement that has escalated after the tragic death of George Floyd at the hands of police in Minneapolis.

Game industry responds to U.S. social unrest

The gaming industry has responded in various ways to the social unrest sweeping through the United States. While is raising funds from its Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality, several publishers and developers have pledged donations to support the cause.

Some gaming-related events, including Sony’s latest PlayStation 5 event, were delayed to give way to the protests, while Take-Two shut down Grand Theft Auto Online and Red Dead Online to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

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