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Killer Instinct Season 3 introduces Windows 10, Xbox One cross-platform play

Killer Instinct Season 3 Launch Trailer
Microsoft has rolled out its latest content update for Iron Galaxy’s one-on-one fighter Killer Instinct, introducing cross-platform play between the game’s Xbox One edition and a newly released Windows 10 port.

The Windows 10 version of Killer Instinct is free to download from the Windows Store, and includes all features and characters previously seen in its Xbox One counterpart. In addition to offering cross-platform play, the Windows 10 version of Killer Instinct allows veteran Xbox One players to carry over their stats and microtransaction purchases, ensuring a seamless transition between platforms.

Season 3 of Killer Instinct adds Battletoads guest star Rash and Halo‘s Arbiter to the game’s playable roster alongside returning fighters Tusk and Kim Wu. Additional characters, including Mira, RAAM, and Killer Instinct 2‘s final boss Gargos, will be available for download in the coming months.

Killer Instinct‘s latest update also brings extensive gameplay re-balancing and tweaks detailed in this blog post. Its developers note that Killer Instinct was re-balanced in a bid to “encourage player creativity in playstyles, setups, and combos,” and returning players can expect to see a number of sweeping changes as a result.

All playable characters receive at least one new ability as part of Killer Instinct‘s Season 3 update, and individual moves have been modified to address timing and balance issues. The update additionally marks the launch of three new stages, including backdrops inspired by Tusk, Arbiter, and Kim Wu.

Microsoft notes that Killer Instinct‘s user interface has been significantly overhauled with its latest update. The game in its current state features a new character select screen, a stage select with a music track selector, and an “all-new next gen lighting system” that adds enhanced reflections and revamped lighting for all in-game environments.

Killer Instinct is free to download for the Xbox One and Windows 10, and features one playable character by default. Players can unlock additional characters and other in-game content via microtransaction purchases.

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