Knack photo gallery

You just can’t unveil a gaming system without teasing some new games, so along with its announcement of the PS4, Sony took a moment to show off a few titles coming to the console.

While most of the games showcased at the event were made by other developers, Sony did reserve some time to showcase its own game, Knack, which looks like an odd hybrid between a video game and a family-friendly Pixar movie. Details are still scarce at this point, but you play as a small robot capable of assimilating objects into his body to grow bigger. Your mission: To save the world from an alien invasion, of course! Sure, it looks pretty tame in comparison to some of the other games unveiled at the meeting, but even without hyper-realistic graphics and beautifully-rendered landscapes, Knack is a fantastic example of the physics capabilities of the PS4.

No details on a release date just yet, but in the meantime you can check out Knack’s full trailer.