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Leaked video shows off customization options for new Xbox avatars

Ahead of the launch of new Xbox One avatars, a video showing off the deep avatar customization systems leaked on YouTube.

Although the video, which was posted by a former Microsoft designer, has since been removed, a copy is still circulating online thanks to Resetera.

Microsoft’s new Xbox Live avatars detailed in leaked video

— Tom Warren (@tomwarren) April 18, 2018

Based on this video, it’s clear Microsoft took a lot of time and care in designing the new avatars. The new avatar editor includes comprehensive editing features that let you customize all facial and body features, all the way down to granular aspects like fingernails. There is even a color wheel that lets you choose a color for each aspect of your look.

According to The Verge, when the new system goes live, Microsoft will no longer support items for the current avatars. If you’re partial to your current mascot, though, you can still use it going forward.

Beyond the default customization options, Microsoft will open a store hub where you can purchase items for your avatar. It’s expected that third-party developers will be able to add items to the store shortly after launch.

If you have already invested money in your avatar’s look, all of this may sound a bit disappointing, but there is no denying the updated look and features of the new avatars are a huge step forward. Microsoft used Unity to develop the fresh look, and have said that this change allows for quick updates and new features going forward.

The avatar editor will be available on the Xbox One dashboard and for Windows 10 users.

Microsoft originally announced the avatar redesign at E3 last year. The publisher made a point of emphasizing a diversity of options for avatars, including wheelchairs, amputees, and a wide array of looks.

While the update was expected to launch last fall, Microsoft delayed the rollout to an unspecified date. In March, The Verge reported that Microsoft would release the avatar update in April. That doesn’t seem to be the case anymore, as Xbox Insider Alpha testers will likely be tasked with trying out the new avatars before the update rolls out to all Xbox One users.

Still, this video shows that Microsoft is far along in the development process. We shouldn’t have to wait much longer.

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