Life is Strange finale is ‘hella’ arriving before Halloween

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Dontnod Entertainment’s time-bending episodic adventure, Life is Strange, remains one of my most pleasant gaming surprises of 2015, and its fourth episode ended with a twist that few saw coming. With a story that seems to be entering horror territory, it’s very fitting that Max Caulfield’s journey will wrap up just before Halloween.

Spoilers for the released episodes of Life is Strange follow!

In the fourth episode of Life is Strange, Max and Chloe finally found Rachel Amber — the girl who had been missing since Max returned to Arcadia Bay — but she was long dead, and with Max forced to watch Chloe die again, this time at the hands of teacher Mr. Jefferson, Life is Strange – Dark Room offered far more questions than answers. With the conclusion, dubbed “Polarized,” Dontnod has several loose ends to tie up, but producer Luc Baghadoust seems confident in his team’s work.

“We don’t normally announce a date until we know the game is 100% ready but in the spirit of Max’s birthday (today) we wanted to let you know that we are aiming to release Episode 5 “Polarized” October 20,” Baghadoust says in the official announcement. “We are super excited to play the finale and we hope you enjoy the ride!” Since the game takes place before 2015, this could be a hint that Max makes it out alive.

The promotional image that goes along with the announcement shows Max gazing at an approaching storm, which was shown briefly in the first episode of the game. What exactly the storm has to do with Mr. Jefferson, Chloe, or the dastardly Prescott family is still anyone’s guess, but we do know one thing for certain: the finale will feature at least a few uses of the words “hella” and “amazeballs.”

Life is Strange concludes on October 20 for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PC.

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